1996 Monthly Competition results

The judging of all beer, cider & mead is per BJCP guidelines, except where noted.

Competitions for 1996

17 Dec 1996 Belgian Beer 1st Jim Cadwell Strong Ale
2nd Doug Kruth Trappist-Sytle Dubbles
3rd Andy Anderson Trappist-Sytle Dubbles


Nov 1996 Belgian Beer Postponed to Dec due to Mashout



12 Oct 1996 Weird Beer 1st John Dittmann  
  2nd Ralph Bucca  
3rd Ben Schwalb  



12 Oct 1996 Oktoberfest 1st Robert Stevens  
2nd Bob Dawson  
3rd Andy Beaulieu  



8 Sept 1996 Oktoberfest Postponed to October



15 Aug 1996 Lawn Mower Beer Cancled – no entries.



27 July 1996 Battle of the Sexes 1st T Cannon, P Crowe, D Pyle Weizenbock
2nd M Drauchau, M Rawe Belgium Wit
3rd J Langlie, D Parshall, A Skeel American Pale Ale



22 June 1996 Wheat Beer 1st Greg & Tina Griffin Weizen
2nd Jim Cadwell Berliner Weisse
3rd MALT Hefeweizen



11 May 1996 Porter 1st Mike Horkan  
2nd Alison Skeel  
3rd Bill Newman  



20 Apr 1996 Bock 1st Bob Dawson  
2nd Dave Pyle & Mike McMarlin  
3rd Tom Cannon  


March 1996 Altbier & Kolsch 1st Bob Cooke Altbier
2nd Tim Artz Kolsch
3rd Bob Cooke Kolsch