1997 Monthly Competition results

The judging of all beer, cider & mead is per BJCP guidelines, except where noted.

Competitions for 1997

09 Dec 1997 No Competition Holiday Banquet

02 Nov 1997 English Bitter 1st Mike Megown ESB
2nd Andy Anderson Special Bitter
3rd Tom Cannon Ordinary Bitter

04 Oct 1997 Wheat Beer 1st AJ DeLange Bavarian Weizen
2nd Mike McGowan Bavarian Weizen
3rd Bill Ridgely Bavarian Weizen
04 Oct 1997 Weird Beer 1st Lynn Ashley 640 Rye
2nd Bob Kulawiec Holiday Spice
3rd Mike McGowan Honey Banana

20 Sept 1997 Fest Beers:
Vienna, Oktoberfest & Marzen
1st Tom Cannon Oktoberfest
2nd Gary Nazelrod Oktoberfest
3rd Bob Dawson Oktoberfest

23 Aug 1997 India Pale Ale 1st Bill Ridgely  
2nd Dave Pyle  
3rd Delano Dugarm  

26 July 1997 Extract Beer 1st Bob Kulawiec California Common
2nd Josh Bourdrez Porter
3rd Dave Fothergill Russian Imperial Stout

21 June 1997 Brown Ale 1st Bill & Christine Newman American brown
2nd Mark Stevens English southern brown
3rd Andy Beaulieu English northern brown

31 May 1997 Pilsner 1st Tom Cannon Pilsner
2nd Jim Rorick Northern German Pilsner
3rd Eric Clem German Pilsner

30 May 1997 Chili Cook-Off 1st Bill Cavender

19 Apr 1997 Bock 1st Lynn Ashley Maibock
2nd Andy Beaulieu Maibock
3rd Jane Hautenan Bock

15 Mar 1997 Altbier & Kolsch 1st Mike Horkan Altbier
2nd Greg and Tina Griffin Altbier
3rd Steve Marler Kolsch

11 Feb 1997 Stout 1st Jim Busch Imperial Stout
2nd Greg and Tina Griffin Foreign Stout
3rd Jim Caldwell Dry Stout

18 Jan 1997 Pale Ale 1st Lynn Ashley English Bitter
2nd Jim Busch American IPA
3rd Keith Chamberlin American IPA