1998 SoFB Results

 held Saturday & Sunday,   6/7 June 1998,   Chantilly, Virginia

439 entries

Category Winners

1. Light Lager: American Light and European Light Lagers (35)
1st George Fix Dortmunder Export Spezial
2nd A.J. de Lange Bohemian Pilsner Number 85
3rd David Belman Pre-Prohibition Pilsner Pop’s Pre-Pro
2. Light Ale (13)
1st Jay Adams Cream Ale Mardi Gras Cream Ale
2nd Andrew Henckler Cream Ale Wild Rice Ale
3rd Bob Talkiewicz Kolsch Kolsch 69
3. British Bitter (22)
1st Andy Anderson British Ordinary Brewing Day From Hell III
2nd Rodney Bender British ESB Bent Rod ESB
3rd Paul Fiorino British Ordinary Closet Cleaner
4. Scottish Ale (11)
1st Steve Peeler Export 80 Pinehurst Scots Ale 80
2nd Michael Fennessy Export 80 Dolly’s Cloned-Tail Scottish Ale
3rd Ken Pegram Export 80 McKen’s Export
5. Pale Ale (42)
1st Jay Adams American Pale Ale Craning Goose Pale Ale
2nd Stephen Fish California Common Steam
3rd Bud Hensgen &
Bill Steib
American Pale Ale Pale Ryder
6. India Pale Ale (19)
1st George De Piro IPA IPA #1
2nd Art Blanchard IPA (no name)
3rd Paul Fiorino IPA 1592
7. Altbier (13)
1st Steve Peeler Dusseldorf Alt Hornet Tail Ale
2nd Larry Koch Dusseldorf Alt April In Febrewary
3rd Jim & Linda Rorick Dusseldorf Alt House Alt
8. German Amber and European Dark Lagers (24)
1st Gary Nazelrod Oktoberfest March Munchie
2nd Andy Anderson Schwarzbier Susan’s Swan Song Schwarzbier
3rd Delano Dugarm Schwarzbier Black Widow
9. Brown Ale (20)
1st Jay Adams American Brown Hafnia Brown
2nd Scott Bickham American Brown Texas Black Bitter
3rd Gary Nazelrod Mild Mighty Mild
10. Strong Ale (Old Ale, Strong Scotch Ale, Russian Imperial Stout, & Barleywine) (35)
1st Peter Garofalo Strong Scotch Old 101
2nd Greg Griffin Russian Imperial Stout Mississippi Half Step
3rd Kevin Brezler Old Ale The Source
11. Bock (18)
1st David Meyers Traditional Bock Bock #14
2nd Allen Perper Dopplebock Perpertrator II
3rd Tim Artz Hellesbock Big Pollen
12. Porter (27)
1st Wendy Aaronson
& Bill Ridgley
Brown Porter Brown Porter
2nd Brent Talbot Robust Porter Porter House
3rd Gary Nazelrod Robust Porter Pop’s Porter
13. Stout (24)
1st Mike Megown Sweet Stout Black Bores Milk Stout
2nd Jim Wagner Foreign Stout Royal Reserve Stout
3rd Spencer Thomas Dry Stout Amy’s Stout
14. German Wheat Beers (23)
1st George De Piro Bavarian Weizen Weizen #8
2nd Bob Talkiewicz Berliner Weisse Saver 69
3rd Horinek, Schomaker Christoffel;
Bavarian Weizen
Hangover Hefe Weizen
15. Belgian Ales (53) – Largest category
1st Al Folsom Tripel The Trouble with Tripels
2nd Randy Paul Witbier White Light
3rd Scott Bickham Framboise
16. Weird-Ass Beer (Specialty Beers) (24)
1st Mike Megown Black Bores Smoked Ale
2nd Bill Schroeder Belgian Specialty Ale Festivus Ale
3rd Denise Biehn Clove and Clout Stout
17. Cider (11)
1st John Dittman Still Cider FL’s Cellar Cider
2nd Ed Basgall Cranberry Cider Cranapple Cider
3rd John Dittman Cranberry Cider Cranberry-Apple Cider
18. Mead (25)
1st Bill Cavender Metheglin –
Thai Basil & Chili
Bang Kok Mead
2nd David Morgenstern Blueberry Melomel
3rd John Dittman Cyser Taste o’ Must 1997

Best of Show Winners

1st George De Piro Bavarian Weizen Weizen #8
2nd Gary Nazelrod Oktoberfest March Munchie
3rd George Fix Dortmunder Export Spezial