1999 Monthly Competition results

The judging of all beer, cider & mead is per BJCP guidelines, except where noted.

Competitions for 1999

08 Dec 1999 Holiday Banquet – pChampagne -1st place tie: Stever Marler, and Betsy Kliks & Bob Kepler
20 Nov 1999 Real Ale Competition 1st Mike Megown Ordinary Bitter
2nd Andy Anderson Mild
3rd Larry Koch & Alan Hew Ordinary Bitter
30 Oct 1999 Weird Beer 1st Mike Megown Smoked Honey Ale
2nd Bob Verdon Spiced Christmas Ale
3rd Andy Anderson Spiced Christmas Ale
30 Oct 1999 Brewers Challenge
Anchor Steam Clone
1st Bud & Dan Hensgen Mean Stuff
2nd Andy Anderson, Mario & Lynda DiValentin Bugaboos
3rd Colleen Cannon, Kathy Obert & Dave Pyle Cat Fight
30 Sept 1999 Oktoberfest
(non-BJCP judging;
popular vote)
1st Tom & Colleen Cannon Oktoberfest
2nd Dave Belman Maerzen
3rd Mike Megown Helles
25 Sept 1999 Porter 1st Andy Anderson Brown Porter
2nd Andy Anderson Robust Porter
3rd Bill and Wendy AaronRidge Robust Porter
27 Aug 1999 Wheat Beer
1st Dave Belman German Weizen
2nd Stan Alderson Blackberry Wheat
3rd Tom & Colleen Cannon
& Dave Pyle
German Dunkelweizen
17 July 1999 Battle of the Sexes
(Anchor Steam Clone)
1st The Babe Busters –
Bill Ridgely & Bill Newman
2nd The Cookes –
Bob & Thomas
3rd Team DMS –
Bob Dawson, Steve Marler & Robert Stevens
17 July 1999 Cider/Mead 1st John Dittmann Still Cider
2nd Art Blanchard Blackberry Melomel
3rd Mike Megown Trad Sparkling Mead
19 June 1999
(Judged: 11 July)
Pilsner 1st AJ DeLange Dot Pilsner
2nd Eric Clem  
3rd AJ DeLange  
08 May 1999 Chili Cook-Off 1st Tom & Colleen Cannon Jackalope Chili
2nd Kathy Obert  
3rd Clint Sanford  
1st Betsy Kliks & Bob Kepler Hottest Chili Award
08 May 1999
(Judged: 19 June)
Belgian Beers 1st Keith Chamberlain Pale Ale
2nd Delano Dugarm Wit
3rd Andy Anderson Strong Golden
17 Apr 1999 Bock 1st Bill Ridgely &
Wendy Aaronson
Mai Bock
2nd Steve Marler Mai Bock
3rd Mike Megown Dopplebock
27 Mar 1999 IPA 1st Robbie Ludwick American IPA
2nd Bob Dawson & Steve Marler Celebrator clone
3rd Paul Fiorino British IPA
16 Feb 1999 Dan McCoubrey
Memorial Stout Competition
1st Mike MeGown Oatmeal Stout
2nd Mike MeGown Sweet Stout
3rd Dave Belman Sweet Stout
31 Jan 1999 AHA Weird Beer Competition 1st Art Blanchard Rye Lager
2nd Colleen and Tom Cannon Spiced Ale
3rd Randy Paul Basil Beer
23 Jan 1999 Pale Ale 1st Andy Anderson British Pale Ale
2nd Robert Stevens American Pale Ale
3rd Bob Dawson British Pale Ale