2000 Monthly Competition results

The judging of all beer, cider & mead is per BJCP guidelines, except where noted.

Competitions for 2000

17 Nov 2000 Real Ale Competition IV 1st Wendell Ose (Worthogs) Ordinary
2nd Colleen & Tom Canon ESB
3rd Colleen & Tom Canon Ordinary
21 Oct 2000 Sierra Navada
Pale Ale Clone
1st Colleen & Tom Canon w/ Rick Garvin
2nd Andy Anderson
3rd William “Wild Willy” Winter
16 Sep 2000 Oktoberfest 1st Bob Dawson and Steve Marler
2nd Andy Anderson
3rd Bill and Christine Newman
12 Aug 2000 Kolsch / Alt / Wit
1st Dave & Becky Pyle Wit
2nd Robert McEwen
(Weekend Brewers)
3rd Keith Chamberlain Kolsch
22 Jul 2000 IPA 1st Andy Anderson
2nd Keith Chamberlain
3rd Pat & Janet Crowe and Tom & Colleen Canon
24 Jun 2000 Pilsner 1st Gary Nazelrod German Pilsner
2nd Colleen and Tom Cannon Bohemian Pilsner
3rd Wendy Aaronson & Bill Ridgley Bohemian Pilsner
13 May 2000 Bock 1st Andy Anderson DoubleBock
2nd Wendy Aaronson & Bill Ridgely Maibock
3rd Bob Maher DoubleBock
13 May 2000 Chili Cook-Off 1st Trish & Larry Koch Chester’s Chili
2nd Rick Garvin & Christine Lewis Badger & Beaver Chili
3rd Steve & Teresa Marler Jackalope Chili
1st Rick Garvin & Christine Lewis Satan’s Sphincter
Hottest Chili Award
29 Apr 2000 Weizen 1st Keith Chamberlain  
2nd Colleen and Tom Cannon  
3rd Betsy Kliks and Bob Kepler  
25 Mar 2000 Lager (non-Pilsner) 1st Bob Maher Dortmunder Export
2nd Dan Klinglesmith American Light Lager
3rd Mike McGown German Dunkle
15 Feb 2000 Dan McCoubrey Memorial Stout Competition 1st Colleen & Tom Cannon and
Pat & Janet Crowe
Dry Stout
2nd Dave Belman Sweet Stout
3rd Ralph Bucca Sweet Stout
22 Jan 2000 Pale Ale 1st Steve Marler Pale Ale
2nd Keith Chamberlin Amber Ale
3rd Wendy Aaronson & Bill Ridgely Pale Ale