2001 Monthly Competition results

The judging of all beer, cider & mead is per BJCP guidelines, except where noted.

Competitions for 2001

05 Dec 2001 Holiday Beer
(non-BJCP judging;
popular vote)
1st Bill and Wendy
2nd Bill deGraffenreid
3rd Mike Horkan
16 Nov 2001 Real Ale Competition V 1st Wendy Aaronson &
Bill Ridgley
Brown Porter
2nd Andy Anderson Ordinary Bitter
3rd Jim Rorick Special Bitter
27 Oct 2001 Bill Moe Memorial Porter & Brown Ale Competition 1st Steve Marler &
Robert Stevens
2nd Steve Marler &
Robert Stevens
Robust Porter
3rd Bud Hensgen Robust Porter
22 Sept 2001 Oktoberfest 1st Wendy Aaronson &
Bill Ridgley
2nd Bob Maher  
3rd Bob Dawson  
11 Aug 2001 Wheat Beer
BJCP Cat 17 & 3B
1st Jim Kelly
(Star City Brewers Guild)
2nd James Prevett
3rd Bill Moe Hefeweizen
21 Jul 2001 Pilsner 1st Tom & Colleen Cannon Bohemian
2nd Wendy Aaronson &
Bill Ridgley
Northern German
3rd Andy Anderson Bohemian
16 Jun 2001 IPA 1st Keith Chamberlain  
2nd Bill Moe 1492
3rd Wendy Aaronson &
Bill Ridgley
12 May 2001 Hennepin clone 1st John Dittmann
2nd Betsy & Bob Kepler
3rd Keith Chamberlain
12 May 2001 Chili Cook-Off 1st Dona Lee & Beth Fox Bison Bite Chili
2nd Tom & Colleen Cannon, Pat & Janet Crowe, & Steve Marler Jackelope Chili
3rd Paul Fiorino & Jen Beer Planet of the Apes Chili
1st Rick Garvin & Christine Lewis Hottest Chili:
Satan’s Sphincter
14 April 2001 Bock 1st Steve Marler Doppel
2nd Bob Dawson Eisbock
3rd Steve Marler Bock
17 Mar 2001 Dan McCoubrey
Memorial Stout Competition
1st Dave and Becky Pyle Oatmeal Stout
2nd Dave and Becky Pyle Sweet Stout
3rd Andy Anderson Dry Stout
03 Feb 2001 Pale Ale 1st Mike Horkan APA
2nd Bob Dawson APA
3rd Willie Winter APA
14 Jan 2001 Spirit of Belgium