2001 SoFB Results

Saturday,  19 May 2001,  at the
Old Dominion Brewing Company

Ashburn, Virginia

Best of Show:
Category Brewer BJCP Category Beer Name
1st Place Edward Bielaus & Mark Polnasek Koelsch Paffgen’s Rejoinder
2nd Place Andy Anderson Tripel  
3rd Place Andy Anderson Wee Scotch Heavy




The Winning Brewers:
Category Brewer BJCP Category Beer Name

Light Lager
1st Place David Belman BURP American Premium Bash Premium
2nd Place George Fix Export High Test
3rd Place Steve Marler BURP Helles

Light Ales, Koelsch, & Altbier
1st Place Edward Bielaus BURP & Mark Polnasek Koelsch Paffgen’s Rejoinder
2nd Place Joe Lindsey Light Ale Cotton Field Cream Ale
3rd Place Bill & Christie Newman BURP Alt Ziem Newman

English & Scottish Ales
1st Place Robert Finkelstein BURP Scottish Ale Edinburgh Summer
2nd Place Tom & Colleen Cannon BURP Best Bitter Jackalope Extra Bitter
3rd Place Mike McGuire BURP Best Bitter Real Special Bitter

American Pale Ale
1st Place Dave Hume APA American Pale Ale
2nd Place Jeff Carlson American Amber Ale Primetime Amber
3rd Place Anthony McClure APA Hopulent Pale Ale

1st Place Jeff Carlson Westside IPA
2nd Place Mike Horkan BURP IPA 01
3rd Place Keith Chamberlin BURP The Nookie Return

Amber & Dark Lagers
1st Place Andy Anderson BURP Schwarzbier
2nd Place Paul & Jamie Langlie BURP Schwarzbier Dark Horse
3rd Place John Heubel Munch Dunkel Schwarzwald

Brown Ale
1st Place Steve Marler BURP Mild Dark Mild
2nd Place Phil Sides Jr. Southern Brown Apache Rose Peacock
3rd Place Geoffrey McNally Mild McNally’s Dark Mild

Strong Ales
1st Place Andy Anderson BURP Strong Scotch Ale
2nd Place Phil Spanel BURP English Style Barleywine Old Hair
3rd Place Jay Spies American Barleywine Old Regurgitator

1St Place Steve Marler BURP Doppelbock Doppelbock
2nd Place Steve Marler BURP Eisbock Eisbock
3rd Place Bruce Bennett BURP Traditional Bock Labotamator

1st Place Edward Bielaus BURP & Mark Polnasek Robust Porter The Advent of the return of the son of Flip’s deportment
2nd Place Robert Stevens BURP Robust Porter RoAnne Porter
3rd Place Jason Russ Brown Porter Reggie Porter

1st Place Alan Meeker Oatmeal Stout Orthanc Oatmeal Stout
2nd Place Bob Mahler BURP Dry Stout Stout 42
3rd Place Dave & Becky Pyle BURP Oatmeal Stout Seminary

1st Place Brad Davidson BURP Weizen Weizen To Virtue
2nd Place Alan Meeker Weizen Quint’s Revenge
3rd Place Dave Humes Weizenbock Weizenbock #2

Strong Belgian
1st Place Andy Anderson BURP Tripel
2nd Place Keith Chamberlin BURP Belgian Strong Dark Double Dubbel
3rd Place Bob & Betsy Kepler and Tom & Colleen Cannon BURP Belgian Strong Golden What’s Hennepinin’ Now

Belgian, French, lambic and Sour Beers
1st Place Bill Moe BURP Witbier Bill’s Belgian
2nd Place Wendy Aaronson & Bill Ridgely BURP Saison Saison
3rd Place Ben Jankowski Biere de Garde Ste Nassau

Specialty Beers
1st Place Steve Marler & Mark Duros BURP Specialty, Experimental and Historical Chocolate Porter
2nd Place Ben Jankowski Spice /Herb and Vegetable Holly Jolly
3rd Place Mac & Diana McEwen Spice /Herb and Vegetable Diana’s Heat

Mead & Cider
1st Place Steve Marler BURP Specialty Cider Spiced Cider
2nd Place Chris Welsh Other Fruit Mead Peach Mead
3nd Place Randy Paul BURP Traditional Mead- Sparkling Guajillo Azul



BURP denotes a BURP Member.




MCAB Winners:
BJCP Category Name
1   American Lager Dave Belman
2   European Pale Lager George Fix
3   Light Ale Joe Lindsey
4   Bitter & English Pale Ale Tom & Colleen Cannon
5   Scottish Ales Robert Finkelstein
6   American Pale Ales David Hume
7   India Pale Ale Jeff Carlson
8   Koelsch & Altbier Edward Bielaus & Mark Polnasek
9   German Amber Lager John Heubel
10  Brown Ale Steve Marler
11  English & Scottish Strong Ale Andy Anderson
12  Barleywine & Imperial Stout Phil Spanel
13  European Dark Lager Andy Anderson
14  Bock Steve Marler
15  Porter Edward Bielaus & Mark Polnasek
16  Stout Alan Meeker
17  Wheat Brad Davison
18  Strong Belgian Ale Andy Anderson
19  Belgian & French Ale Bill Moe
20  Lambic & Belgian Sour Ale Dave & Becky Pyle



The Organizers:
Andy Anderson – Competition Organizer
Robert Stevens –
Tom Cannon – Judges Coordinator
Kathy Koch
Stewards Coordinator
Betsy Kepler- Prizes Coordinator
Bill Newman – Beer Transport Coordinator
Alison Skeel – Facilities
Jude Wang – Score Sheet Distribution
Lynn Ashley – Internet Services
Wendy Aaronson – Breakfast
TRJames BBQ Catering – Lunch



The Judges:


Aaronson, Wendy
Cannon, Colleen
Cannon, Tom
Chamberlain, Keith
Crowe, Janet
Dawson, Bob
DeCarlo, John
Delange, A.J.
Dittman, John
Fiorino, Paul
Goeres, Mindy
Goldman, Polly
Graham, Mike
Hensgen, Bud
Kensler, Paul
Kepler, Betsy
Kepler, Bob
Koch, Trish
Langlie, Jamie
Langlie, Paul
Lipps, Steve
Madden, Bill
Maher, Bob
Matt, Brian
McCeney, Ed
McGuire, Mike
Newman, Bill
Newman, Christie
Ose, Wendell
Paul, Randy
Pyle, Becky
Pyle, Dave
Ragazinni, Lynn
Rorick, Jim
Spanel, Philip
Waldon, Tracey
Watson, Eric
Verdon, Bob
Long, Peter
Koch, Kathy
Rob Hanson




The Stewards:


Mac McEwen
Rob Hanson
Christine Lewis
Bob Cooke
Bob Verdon
Jason Jones
Don Kaliher
Kathy Koch
Wes Bryon
Peter Long
Dan Klinglesmith
Lauree Hinkle
Mark Waddell
Jude Wang
Alan Hew
Ross Goeres
Rod Rydlun
Jason Russ
Alison Skeel
Glenn Kaupin