2003 Monthly Competition results

The judging of all beer, cider & mead is per BJCP guidelines, except where noted.

Competitions for 2003

[x] = BJCP Style Guide # x       &        AHA indicates ‘AHA Club Only Competition’ Entry

11 Jan
[4] English Pale Ale
[6] American Pale Ale
1st Pete Ryba ESB
2nd Christian Layke English Pale Ale
3rd Mike Horkan American Pale Ale
7-8 Feb
Masters Championship of Amateur Brewing
15 Mar
      Dan McCoubrey Memorial
[16] Stout Competition
[10] Brown Ale AHA
1st Mel Thompson Oatmeal Stout
2nd Mike McGuire Oatmeal Stout
3rd Andy Anderson Dry Stout
5 Apr
[11] Strong Ale AHA
1st Keith Chamberlin Strong Scotch Ale
2nd Andy Anderson Old Ale
3rd Dan Fapp Old Ale
10 May
Chili Cook-off
1st Christian Parker Rub Me With Oil Chili
2nd Coleen & Tom Canon
Janet & Pat Crowe
Steve Marler
Jackalope Chili
3rd Rick Garvin
Christine Lewis
Satan’s Sphincter
HOT Dona & Woody Lee
Bill Madden & Beth Fox
Karen & Mark Korabik
Temptation Chili
10 May
Best Beer to go with Chili

1st Kath Koch
Rick Garvin
Christine Lewis
Frankische Kellerbier
2nd Wendy Aaronson
Bill Ridgely
Keith Chamberlin
Bavarian Weizen
3rd Betsy & Bob Kepler
Steve Marler
Bob Stafford
Roofwater Bitter
17 May      Spirit of Free Beer
29 June
Clone Competition of
Whirlwind Witbier


1st Wendy Aaronson
Bill Ridgely
Janet & Pat Crowe
Belgian Wit
2nd Kathy Koch
Janet Crowe
Belgian Wit
3rd Christina Wren
Bud Hensgen
Belgian Wit
19 July
[2] European Light Lager AHA
1st Wendy Aaronson
Bill Ridgely
Bohemian Pilsner
2nd Mel Thompson Northern German Pils
3rd Mike McGuire Northern German Pils
22-24 Aug
[17] Wheat Beers
1st Christian Parker Bavarian Weizen
2nd Tom Flanders (CRABS) Bavarian Weizen
3rd Calvin Perilloux (FOAM) Dunkelweizen
27 Sept
German Beers


1st Wendy Aaronson
& Bill Ridgely
2nd Wendy Schmidt Maerzen
3rd Mel Thompson Traditional Bock
25 Oct
[24] Specialty/Experimental/
1st Kris Featheringham Raspberry Ale
2nd Mel Thompson Rye Pilsner
3rd Andy Anderson Jalapeno Helles
15 Nov
Real Ale Fest VII
1st Calvin Perilloux Ordinary Bitter
2nd Gordon Goeke Dark Mild
3rd Jack Mowbray Special Bitter
08 Dec
Holiday Banquet
(XMAS Beer Brew-Off)
[8] Koelsch & Altbier AHA
1st Andy Anderson
& Kathy Koch
Hoppy Holiday Pale Ale
– Shredded Wheat
2nd Alan Hew, Ty Ming
& Pat Macy
Sweet Stout
– Cocoa Pebbles
3rd Mel Thompson,
Pete Ryba
& Paul Langlie
Holy Day Dubbel
– Organic Mango Passion Fruit Granola