2004 Monthly Competition Results

The judging of all beer, cider & mead is per BJCP guidelines, except where noted.

Competitions for 2004

17 Jan
[6] American Pale Ale
1st Mel Thompson American Pale Ale
2nd Andy Anderson
& Katy Koch
American Pale Ale
3rd Christian Parker American Pale Ale
21 Feb
[5] Scottish Ales
1st Mel Thompson Export 80/-
2nd Mike McGuire Light 60/-
3rd Rob Hanson Heavy 70/-
20 Mar
[16] Stout
1st Christine Lewis
Rick Garvin
Foreign Export Stout
2nd Dave & Becky Pyle Sweet Stout
3rd Janet & Pat Crowe
Colleen & Tom Cannon
Dry Stout
17 Apr
[11] [12] English & Scottish Strong Ales
Barley Wine & Imperial Stout
1st Andy Anderson American Barleywine
2nd Andy Anderson English Barleywine
3rd Bill & Christie Newman Old Ale
8 May
Chili Cook-off
1st Coleen & Tom Canon
Janet & Pat Crowe
Steve Marler
Jackalope Chili
2nd Woody, Dona, Sparky & Danger Windy City Chili
3rd Tim Artz Smokin’ Hot Chili
HOT Rick Garvin
Christine Lewis
Satan’s Sphincter 2004
8  May
Chili Friendly Beers
1st Christine Lewis & Rick Garvin Frankische Kellerbier
2nd Steve Marler, Janet & Pat Crowe, Colleen & Tom Cannon California Common
3rd Betsy & Bob Kepler Helles
6 June
[18] Strong Belgian Ales
1st Mel Thompson Belgian Strong Dark
2nd Kris Featheringham Belgian Strong Golden
3rd Keith Chamberlin Belgian Strong Dark
12 June      Spirit of Free Beer
24 July
[2] European Light Lagers
1st Andy Anderson Dortmunder Export
2nd Mike McGuire Bohemian Pilsner
3rd Andy Anderson Muenchner Helles
21 Aug
Brooklyn Brown Clone
1st Bob Mcewen & Brian Dueweke
(Southside Brewers)
2nd Rob Schilling & Grover Sauter, III
(Both CRABS)
3rd Alison Skeel,
Wendy Aaronson
& Bill Ridgely
25 Sep
[9] Oktoberfest
1st Pete Ryba &
Mel Thompson
2nd Rick Garvin & Christine Lewis Vienna
3rd Bill & Christie Newman,
Greg Weisz
16 Oct
[7] [14] IPA
Imperial IPA (guide 2004)
1st Andy Anderson Imperial IPA
2nd Mel Thompson IPA
3rd Keith Chamberlin IPA
13 Nov
Real Ale
1st Calvin Perilloux Mild Ale
2nd Bob & Betsy Kepler Brown Ale
3rd Bill & Christie Newman, Greg Weisz Special/Best Bitter
17 Dec
Winter Warmers