2008 Monthly Competition results

The judging of all beer, cider & mead is per BJCP guidelines, except where noted.

Competitions for 2008

26 Jan
[10] Strong Ale
1st Mel Thompson Old Ale (2006)
2nd Mel Thompson American Barley Wine (2007)
3rd Mike McGuire Old Ale
23 Feb
[12] Porter
1st Paul & Jamie Langlie Baltic Porter
2nd Wendy Aaronson & Bill Ridgely Brown Porter
3rd Mel Thompson Baltic Porter
15 Mar  

[13] Stout
1st Colleen & Tom Cannon Dry Stout
2nd Jamie & Paul Langlie Dry Stout
3rd Mel Thompson, Ty Ming, & Bill Strehl Foreign Extra Stout
19 Apr  

[] Extract Beers
1st Bags Howard Doppelbock
2nd John Foulke Raspberry Wheat
3rd Jamie & Paul Langlie Southern Brown Ale
(“Oinky Doinky Brown”)
3 May
[] BURP Chili Cookoff
1st Tim Artz “Smokin’ Bowl O’ Red”
2nd Woody & Dona Lee, Bill & Beth Madden, Danger & Sparky Korbick “Wild Thang Chili”
3rd Tom & Colleen Cannon, Pat & Janet Crowe, Steve Marler, Cindy Duerr “Jackelope Chili”
HOTTEST Rick Garvin & Christine Johnbrier “Satan’s Sphincter”
3 May
[] Chili Friendly Beers

       Not for BOTY

1st Cannon, Crowe, Marler, Duerr, and Wiegus Kellerbier (“Schtupper’s Hop Pocket Pool Pils”)
2nd Rick Garvin and Christine Johnbrier Kellerbier (“Fronconian Kellerbier”)
3rd Tim Artz Munich Helles
10 May    

[] Spirit of Free Beer
7 June
[6] Light Hybrid Beer
1st Jamie & Paul Langlie Blonde Ale
2nd Mel Thompson Blonde Ale
3rd No Award
[15] German Wheat & Rye Beer
1st Mike McGuire Dunkelweizen
2nd Bruce Bennett Hefeweizen
3rd Mel Thompson Roggenbier
16 Aug
[16] Belgian & French Ale

Not for BOTY

1st Wendy Aaronson & Bill Ridgely Belgian Pale Ale
2nd Wendy Schmidt Saison
3rd Wendy Aaronson & Bill Ridgely Witbier
27 Sep  

[] German Beers [ kegs ]

Not for BOTY      

1st Brian Dueweke  & Paul Langlie Dusseldorf Altbier
2nd Wendy Aaronson & Bill Ridgely Oktoberfest
3rd Bill Kupski Munich Dunkel
25  Oct
[22] Smoke Flavored & Wood Aged Beer
1st Mel Thompson Classic Rauchbier
2nd Mike McGuire Bourbon Imperial Stout
3rd Wendy Aaronson & Bill Ridgely Bourbon Scotch Wee  Heavy
15 Nov
[] Real Ale
1st Mitch Pilchuk Scottish Export 80/-
2nd Dave & Becky Pyle Ordinary Bitter
3rd Phil Sides Brown Porter
Ty Ming & Pat Macy Mild
17  Dec
[] Winter Warmers

Not for BOTY

1st Steve Marler Spiced Belgian Dubbel (“Double Big Red Nose”)
2nd A.J. Delange et al BURP Anniversary Barleywine
3rd Alan Hew, Jude Wang, & Jim Hanson English Winter Warmer (“Winkie Warmer”)