2009 Monthly Competition results

The judging of all beer, cider & mead is per BJCP guidelines, except where noted.

Competitions for 2009

24 Jan
[14] India Pale Ale
1st Mel Thompson English IPA
2nd Mel Thompson American IPA
3rd Bill Ridgely & Wendy Aaronson American IPA
Feb 21
[12] Porter
1st John Foulke Baltic Porter
2nd Bill Ridgely & Wendy Aaronson Brown Porter
3rd Mike Horkan Robust Porter
Mar 21  

[13] Stout
1st Yancy Bodenstein Foreign Extra Stout
2nd Ty Ming & Mel Thompson Oatmeal Stout
3rd Colleen & Tom Cannon Dry Stout
Apr 18

[2] Pilsner
1st Calvin Perilloux Bohemian Pilsner
2nd Bill Ridgely & Wendy Aaronson Bohemian Pilsner
3rd Christine Johnbrier & Rick Garvin German Pilsner
May 09
[] BURP Chili Cookoff
1st Artz Family Smokin’ Bowl O’ Red
2nd Dave & Paul Fiorino Toxic Assets
3rd Cannons & Crowes (“The Dickheads”) Jack-o-Lope Chili
HOTTEST Christine Johnbrier & the Garvin Family Satan’s Sphincter
May 09
[] Chili Friendly Beers

       Not for BOTY

1st Cannons & Crowes (“The Dickheads”) Prickly Pecker Pilsner
2nd Christine Johnbrier & Rick Garvin Franconian Kellerbier
3rd Dave & Becky Pyle World Pale Ale
May 16

[] Spirit of Free Beer
June 06
[6c, 7a, 7c] Kolsch/Alt
1st Ed Bielaus Kolsch
2nd Mel Thompson Northern German Alt
3rd Ed Bielaus Northern German Alt
July 25
[6d, 16a, 15a] American WheatWitWeizen
1st Bill & Christie Newman Wit
2nd Scott Wise Weisen
3rd Ed Bielaus Wit
Aug 22
[1] Light Lager

1st Calvin Perilloux American Premium Lager
2nd Calvin Perilloux American Standard Lager
3rd Bill Ridgely & Wendy Aaronson Helles
Sep 26

[3, 5] Vienna, Marzen


1st Mel Thompson Doppelbock
2nd Paul & Jamie Langlie Maerzen
3rd Mel Thompson Maerzen
[17] Sour Beer
1st Dave & Becky Pyle Fruit Lambic
2nd Dave & Becky Pyle Straight Lambic
3rd Dave & Becky Pyle Gueuze
Nov 07
[] Real Ale
1st Steve Marler Mild
2nd Mel Thompson Ordinary Bitter
3rd Bill & Christie Newman & Gregg Weisz Scottish 60/-
Tom & Colleen Cannon & Pat & Janet Crowe Ordinary Bitter
[] Holiday Beers

Not for BOTY