2010 SoFB results


SoFB Results

 Spirit of Free Beer 2010 Results
BOS: 1st Place Mel Thompson American Barleywine
BOS: 2nd Place Gary McNamara German Pilsner
BOS: 3rd Place Mel Thompson American Pale Ale

Bill Moe Award
(Best Extract Beer)
Calvin Perilloux Kolsch
During the decision rounds, to determine the Best of Category winners, the judges sometimes find themselves deadlocked at four beers, but only three of them can win. In these cases, the panel may award an Honorable Mention (HM). These are the Honorable Mention scores as noted on the Flight Summary Sheets.

Contestant CAT Beer Style Name
Edward Bielaus 1 C 1st The Death of the Fluke PAL Premium American Pilsner
Brian Gruner 1 D 2nd Munich Helles Muenchner Helles
Calvin Perilloux 1 C 3rd 9121B3-50-B Premium American Pilsner

Gary Mcnamara 2 A 1st BBC Remembered German Pilsner (Pils)
Greg Poseno 2 B 2nd Happy Pils Bohemian Pilsner
Calvin Perilloux 2 B 3rd 8B28B2B1-60-S Bohemian Pilsner

Michael Evans 3 A 1st Wedding in Vienna Vienna Lager
Michael Robinson 3 B 2nd Octoberfest Oktoberfest/Maerzen
Mark Hogenmiller 3 A 3rd Double Eagle Vienna Vienna Lager

Wendy Aaronson 4 C 1st Schwarz Wald Schwarzbier (Black Beer)
     Co-brewer: Bill Ridgely
Lyle Brown 4 C 2nd Ace of Spades Schwarzbier (Black Beer)
Lyle Brown 4 C 3rd The Mother of All Beers Schwarzbier (Black Beer)

Aaron Zaccagnino 5 C 1st Rex-a-nator Doppelbock
Pat Crowe 5 A 2nd MaiCock Maibock Maibock/Helles Bock
     Co-brewers: Dickheads – Cannons & Crowes
Warren Markert 5 C 3rd Eviscerator Doppelbock

Bill Heverly 6 D 1st Buckridge American Hefe American Wheat or Rye Beer
Eric Paradisi 6 C 2nd K-Man Kolsch Kolsch
Calvin Perilloux 6 C 3rd A315F3-38-T Kolsch

Wendy Aaronson 7 C 1st Dis Old Dorf Dusseldorf Altbier
     Co-brewer: Bill Ridgely
Mel Thompson 7 B 2nd Big Banna Blaster California Common Beer
Temperance Blalock 7 A 3rd Double-Blind Copperhead Northern German Altbier
     Co-brewer: Andy Green

Stacy Myers 8 C 1st PA6 Extra Special/Strong Bitter
Edward Bielaus 8 B 2nd The Road That Ended Long Ago BB Special/Best/Premium Bitter
Charles Prouty 8 C 3rd THE BITTER END Extra Special/Strong Bitter

Mel Thompson 9 B 1st Air Biscuit Scottish Heavy 70/-
Art Diem 9 C 2nd Hilter Kilter Scottish Export 80/-
Brian Gruner 9 A 3rd If It’s Not Scottish, It’s Crap Scottish Light 60/-

Mel Thompson 10 A 1st Angry Yeast Bomber American Pale Ale
Mel Thompson 10 C 2nd A Pyle Butt Bomb American Brown Ale
Mike Horkan 10 A 3rd Pale Ale American Pale Ale
Bill Heverly 10 C HM All American Brown American Brown Ale

David Burnham 11 A 1st Grishnakh Mild
Mel Thompson 11 C 2nd Toxic Ass Cloud Northern English Brown
J. Shane Woessner 11 C 3rd Trying to get a Nut Brown Ale Northern English Brown
Carl Kaempfer 11 C HM Brown Goin’ Down Northern English Brown

Wendy Aaronson 12 A 1st Cracked Butt Brown Porter
     Co-brewer: Bill Ridgely
Mike Mcguire 12 A 2nd Old Glory? Brown Porter
Kevin Rimlinger 12 B 3rd CG Porter Robust Porter

Chris Sowell 13 E 1st Chris’s Stout American Stout
Aaron Charlwood 13 C 2nd Oatmeal Stout Oatmeal Stout
Edward Bielaus 13 A 3rd Living on Borrowed Grain Dry Stout Dry Stout

Chris Sowell 14 B 1st Fidiley Duece American IPA
Michael Reinitz 14 B 2nd Odoriferous Smurf American IPA
Mel Thompson 14 A 3rd Crap Duster English IPA

Peter Polczynski 15 A 1st Big Brushy Weizen/Weissbier
Steve Claeys 15 C 2nd Wixers’ Weizenbock Weizenbock
Stacy Myers 15 D 3rd Roggen Roggenbier

Wendy Aaronson 16 B 1st Pride o’ Bastogne Belgian Pale Ale
     Co-brewer: Bill Ridgely
Pieter Huiberts 16 E 2nd Patersbier Belgian Specialty Ale
Colleen Cannon 16 B 3rd Grand Scru Belgian Pale Ale
     Co-brewers: Dickheads – Cannons & Crowes

Becky&Dave Pyle 17 F 1st Big Red Fruit Lambic
Alex Howe 17 B 2nd The Commander’s Flanders Flanders Red Ale
Becky&Dave Pyle 17 F 3rd Blueberry Hill Fruit Lambic
Ben Schwalb 17 B HM Stupid Flanders Flanders Red Ale

Michael Evans 18 D 1st Dirty Devil Belgian Golden Strong Ale
Pieter Huiberts 18 A 2nd Father Pierre Belgian Blond Ale
Pieter Huiberts 18 A 3rd Deliciously Blond Belgian Blond Ale
Edward Bielaus 18 B HM Renal Carbuncle’s Private Reserve Belgian Dubbel Ale

Mel Thompson 19 C 1st Ass Cracker American Barleywine
Bill Heverly 19 C 2nd Four Dudes Barley Wine American Barleywine
Mel Thompson 19 B 3rd Angry Anus English Barleywine

Brian Gruner 21 A 1st Oreo Spice/Herb/Vegetable Beer
John Gonzales 23 A 2nd Smoked Chipotle Porter Specialty Beer
Mel Thompson 23 A 3rd Scud Missile launch propellant Specialty Beer
Janet Crowe 21 B HM Jingle Balls XVII Christmas/Winter Spiced Beer
     Co-brewers: Dickheads – Cannons & Crowes

Lyle Brown 22 B 1st Still Smokin! Other Smoked Beer
Lyle Brown 22 A 2nd MAshout Evenings Classic Rauchbier
Brian Gruner 22 B 3rd Smoke ’em If Ya Got ‘Em Other Smoked Beer
John Zelazny 22 B HM smokin dam Other Smoked Beer

Tim Artz 25 C 1st Berry 05 Other Fruit Melomel
Tim Artz 26 C 2nd Liquid Baklava Open Category Mead
Bob Kepler 24 A 3rd Mead Dry Mead
Tim Artz 24 A HM Traditional Mead 08 Dry Mead

Brian Gruner 27 A 1st Common Cider Common Cider
Wendy Aaronson 27 A 2nd Gravity’s Rainbow Common Cider
     Co-brewer: Bill Ridgely
Randy Paul 27 B 3rd Melange Epiphany English Cider
Tim Artz 27 B HM Cider English Cider