2012 SoFB results


Spirit of Free Beer Results, 2012
514 Entries

Winning Best of Show (BOS) beers highlighted in red.
We now believe that most co-brewer information is included.  But if others are missing, or there are other glaring problems, please contact propaganda @ burp.org

Light Lager (12 Entries)
John Peed (BOS 3rd)

Dortmunder Export

Tennessee Valley Homebrewers
2 Mike Evans Found in Newmans Beard Munich Helles BURP – Wort Hogs
3 Lee Friske Saber LIght Lite American Lager Basin Brewers

Pilsner (15 Entries)
1 Andy Anderson, Kathy Koch Ode To Prague Bohemian Pilsner BURP
2 Steve Marler West Coast Pils German Pilsner (Pils) BURP
3 Sean Kennan Pilsner 1206 German Pilsner (Pils) Wort Hogs
Mel Thompson
German Pilsner (Pils)

HM Charles Stephenson, Rich “Chops” Presas  Chop Water Classic American Pilsner  B.a.r.f.

Euro Amber Lager (15 Entries)
1 Lee Friske Oktoberfest 2011 Oktoberfest/Marzen Basin Brewers
2 Jeff Pieper, Stephen Long Double Boil Vienna Lager Vienna Lager Shreveport Urban Diastatic Spargers
3 Brian Schoolcraft Third Times A Charm Oktoberfest/Marzen Cap & Hare Homebrew Club

Dark Lager (18 Entries)
1 Scott Burns, Hope O’Keefe Schwarzbier Schwarzbier BURP
2 Edward Bielaus See You In Willoughby D.a.I. Dark American Lager
3 Michael Marino Dark American Lager Dark American Lager The Brewing Network

Bock (15 Entries)
1 Eric Christensen Emmanator Eisbock Eisbock
2 Mel Thompson Plowed Doppelbock
3 Brian Bergquist, Scott & Rod Bergquist Bock Bock Squishy Bock Traditional Bock FBI (Fredericksburg Brewing Insiders)
4  Steve Marler  Agave Mayocabra  Maibock/Helles Bock  BURP

Light Hybrid (23 Entries)
1 Calvin Perilloux American Wheat American Wheat or Rye Beer BURP
2 Calvin Perilloux Kolsch Kolsch BURP
3 Michael Gallagher, Art Diem Alsea’s Rye Ale American Wheat or Rye Beer BURP

Amber Hybrid (13 Entries)
Mark Girard, John Gosselin, Greg McCullough, and Heath Ehret (BOS 2nd)
Ctrl + Alt + Delete – Shift + 3

Dusseldorf Altbier

2 Scott Wiley Engine 209 California Common Beer
3 Mark Girard, John Gosselin, Greg McCullough, and Heath Ehret Ctrl + Alt + Delete – Shift + 2 Northern German Altbier BURP

English Pale Ale (27 Entries)
1 Bill Ridgely, Wendy Aaronson Extraordinary Ordinary Standard/Ordinary Bitter BURP
2 Mark Girard, John Gosselin, Greg McCullough, and Heath Ehret Bitte Bitte Lauf Lauf – Funf Standard/Ordinary Bitter BURP
3 Aaron Jeanguenat Extra Special Bitter Extra Special/Strong Bitter

Scottish and Irish (23 Entries)
Eric Christensen (BOS 1st)
Scottish Export

Scottish Export 80/-

2 Dennis Finney, Matt Rudo Strong Scotch Strong Scotch Ale
3 Bob Rouse “my Plaid” Scotch Ale Scotch Heavy 70/- BURP

American Ale (45 Entries)
1 Robert Miller Cooper’s Drool American Brown Ale
2 Jim Velesz (2/365)2012 Pale Ale American Pale Ale
3 Douglas Hudgins Hopsbursted American Pale Ale 2 American Pale Ale

English Brown Ale (20 Entries)
1 Mel Thompson Anorak Northern English Brown Ale
2 Bill Ridgely, Wendy Aaronson Burnside Brown Northern English Brown Ale BURP
3 Wendy Schmidt Dark Mild Mild BURP
Brett Shegogue
Mild – Shegogue Brew

Porter (20 Entries)
1 Jamie Klarman, Phil Bayle Brown Bag Brown Porter Brown Porter Wootown Brewers
2 David Vesser Robust Porter Robust Porter Wort Hogs
3 Dan Bremer, Steve Bremer Sneaky Russian Baltic Porter Baltic Porter BURP

Stout (36 Entries)
1 Matt Mayes The Shakes American Stout Hops! Homebrewers’ Pride of the Southside
2 Jesse Kaiss, Savannah Kaiss Quaker State Oatmeal Stout
3 Gary McNamara, Jr. Mac’s Irish Stout Dry Stout Midnight Homebrewers League

Indian Pale Ale (41 Entries)
1 Michael Marino Thunderpants (reloaded) Imperial IPA The Brewing Network
2 Sean Kennan Ipa 1203 English IPA Wort Hogs
3 Matt O’Brien Rr-c Ipa American IPA

German Wheat/Rye (11 Entries)
1 J.P. Sloan Bavareloa Dunkelweizen FOAM
2 Bob Rouse Alt Stadt Hefeweizen Weizen/Weissbier BURP
3 Sanjay Shah Breakfast Weizen/Weissbier BURP

Belgian and French (41 Entries)
1 Charles Stephenson Spring Citrus Saison Saison B.a.r.f.
2 Scott Strain Table Saison Saison BURP
3 Ross Harper The Dark Monk Belgian Specialty Ale Red Earth Brewers

Sour Ales (11 Entries)
1 Nathan Welch, Mitch Pilchuk Berlinner Weiss Berliner Weisse NOVA Homebrew
2 Dave Pyle, Becky Pyle Bo’s For U Mary Fruit Lambic BURP
3 Dave Pyle, Becky Pyle Christopher’s Kriek Fruit Lambic BURP

Belgian Strong (27 Entries)
1 Calvin Perilloux Domino’s Delight Belgian Golden Strong Ale BURP
2 Scott Strain Tripellia Belgian Tripel BURP
3 John Gonzales Dragon Belgian Dark Strong Ale

Strong Ales (15 Entries)
1 Ross Harper Backbreaker Barleywine American Barleywine Red Earth Brewers
2 Christian Burns Stop Your Wine-ing English Barleywine The Brewers Network
3 Ben Jankowski Chester Old Ale

Fruit/Spice/Herb/Vegetable (22 Entries)
1 Trevor Rose Jalapeno Cream Ale Spice, Herb, or Vegetable Beer Crabs
2 Chas Ballew Chamomile Wheat Spice, Herb, or Vegetable Beer DC Homebrewers
3 Lee Friske Blowout Stout Spice, Herb, or Vegetable Beer Basin Brewers

Smoked-Flavored/Wood-Aged (13 Entries)
1 David Taylor, Julia Taylor Black Friday Stout Wood-Aged Beer Fbi/BURP
2 Matt Mayes Koval Porter Wood-Aged Beer Hops! Homebrewers’ Pride of the Southside
Severin Knudsen
Whiskey River
Wood-Aged Beer

Charlottesville Area Masters of Real Ale (camra)

Specialty Beer (31 Entries)
1 Andy Anderson, Kathy Koch Frolicking in Franconia Specialty Beer BURP
2 Scott Wise Bourbon Barrel Wee Heavy – sour Specialty Beer BURP
3 Phil Franke Black Imperial IPA w/ Rye Specialty Beer DC Homebrewers

Meads – Trad/Melomel/Other (9 Entries)
1 Severin Knudsen Farmer’s Market Dry Mead Charlottesville Area Masters of Real Ale (camra)
2 Yancy Bodenstein, Laura Cole Clear Skies Backyard Bee Vomit Semi-Sweet Mead BURP
3 Tim Artz Liquid Baklava Open Category Mead BURP

Standard Cider and Perry (11 Entries)
1 Randy Paul Straight Eight Engish Cider BURP
2 Michael Gallagher Slash Engish Cider BURP
3 Calvin Perilloux Kingston Black Engish Cider BURP