2013 BURP.org redesign survey

2013 BURP.ORG Website Redesign Survey

Section I. Current Site Usage

Do you use the BURP.ORG website as a brewing resource?
Yes 14 19%
No 60 81%

Do you use other website brewing resources?
Yes 44 59%
No 30 41%

If so, what other websites do you use?
• Brew strong
• homebrewtalk, AHA website and forum, Beersmith forum
• bjcp sytle guidlines, other homebrew recipe databases, byo and other style advice articles, homebrew talk forums and other style/beer discussions, malt/hop/other beer ingredient discussion/specifications,
• hopville, bjcp
• hbd.org
• themadfermentationist.com
• probrewer.com
• foam.org
• http://maltosefalcons.com/
• www.bierland-oberfranken.de/
• Homebrewtalk
• Mr. Malty
• Brewing Network, HBT, MoreBeer, Yeast Websites, Jamil’s Yeast Calculator
• HBT.com
• HBT, NB Forums, Brewers Friend, BeerSmith
• I do use the burp news for recipes, and also Zymurgy for ideas
• http://www.whitelabs.com
• http://www.wyeastlab.com/hb_styleguidelines.cfm
• many
• HomeBrewTalk.com
• northernbrewer.com
• nepenthe.com
• Homebrewtalk.com is my most frequently used site but I also follow most any lead that I get from Google when I’m trying to educate myself on something brewing related.
• Brew Your Own
• brewtoad.com
• http://www.brewersfriend.com/stats/
• http://www.homebrewtalk.com/
• homebrew talk
• beer advocate
• northern brewer forums.
• Green Bay Mashers, BYO, Zymurgy, Kaiser Brau, etc.
• BeerSmith
• Brewing Network
• Forums, BN/Beertalk
• Multiple Vendor site
• Braukaiser
• Etc.
• Ratebeer
• Brew Your Own
• Homebrew Stores and Manufacturers
• Beersmith, BYO (some), homebrewtalk forums
• AHA, homebrewtalk.com
• HBD and Homebrewtalk
• homebrewtalk.com
• probrewer.com
• morebeer.com
• Tasty Brew
• Brewers Friend
• Northern Brewer
• BYO Magazine and sometimes Homebrewtalk.
• Brewers friend
• others I can’t think of at the moment
• I let Victory Brewing Co. brew for me.
• Homebrewtalk Forum
• Brewing network forum
• Homebrew Forum, Mr Malty, Beer Smith, various sites depending on what I’m researching.
• BA
• DCBeer
• Varies depending on Google results
• The brewing network
• www.foamrangers.com
• www.byo.com
• www.maltosefalcons.com
• www.mrmalty.com
• www.howtobrew.com
• TMTC (Too many to count)
• beeradvocate.com
• byo.com
• brewersfriend.com
• others based on looking at recipes or finding answers to a specific question
• I’m the non-brewing half of a family membership, so I use brewery and brewpub websites to check out what’s on tap, what’s on the menu, how to get to there
• ere, etc.

How often do you visit the BURP.ORG website per month?
<3 63 85%
4-10 9 12%
10+ 2 3%

Would you visit BURP.ORG more if the site were upgraded and new features added?
Yes 58 78%
No 16 22%
What BURP.ORG functions or pages do you use?
Directions to meetings 57 16%
Access to the current newsletter 57 16%
Access to past newsletters 34 10%
Access to the events calendar 45 13%
Access to the membership list 32 9%
Access to the library 3 1%
Access to BURP documents 7 2%
Access to BURP discounts 4 1%
Access to BURP Photos 14 4%
Information on competitions 24 7%
Information on Spirit of Free Beer 36 10%
Information for MashOut 32 9%
Information on local watering holes/retail 8 2%
None 1 0%

Have you ever purchased or renewed your membership through the BURP.ORG site?
Yes 46 62%
No 28 38%


Would you be supportive of introducing advertising to BURP.ORG in order to defray website expenses and maintain our current membership rate?
Yes 56 76%
No 18 24%

Section II. Site Improvements

Are you interested in any of the following website features or links being incorporated into the BURP.ORG website?

Classified Ads 31 8%
Brewing Calculators 46 12%
BURP.ORG online store (e.g., T-Shirts, Membership Renewal, New Member accounts, etc.) 55 14%
Forums (replacing the BURP.ORG email list for non-official correspondence) 34 9%
Recipe Database 51 13%
Group Buys 54 14%
How To Videos (e.g., Brew with Mel, Yeast Starters, Yeast Farming, Lagering, BIAB, DIY Brewing Projects, etc.) 46 12%
Spirit of Free Beer (e.g., directions, competition registration, results, vendor support, photos, social media from the event – Twitter, Facebook, forums – etc.) 42 11%
MashOut (e.g., directions, registration, vendor support, photos, video, social media from the event – Twitter, Facebook, forums – etc.) 34 9%
Other 6 2%

Are you satisfied with the current graphic content (e.g., look/feel, banner, colors, etc.) of the BURP.ORG site?
Yes 55 74%
No 19 26%

What changes do you think would improve BURP.org?
1. Text wrapping around the pictures and more professional banner would be nice
2. None
3. Have a couple or more Good Will Ambassadors floating around the group meetings to be sure everyone (especially newbies) is recognized and made to feel appreciated.
4. Moving from email to web forums would be a big loss. I would be unlikely to participate in a forum. Email is more inclusive.
5. discussion forum, recipe database
6. update the graphics. Streamline content. Add a blog/forum. Collate interesting articles on brewing
7. Improved privacy and security
8. Guaranteed privacy
9. No login required for most features
10. Highlighting the benefits of BURPlist better, a very useful resource
11. Integrated meeting reports
12. Indexing of BURPnewsletters with keywords/topics/articles linkable (i.e., Real Ale articles from the newsletter accessible/linkable/searchable)
13. Embedded twitter feed in sub-frame on homepage
14. Crossposting betwixt homepage & FaceBook
15. More surveys
16. Site look is a little outdated and doesn’t work well with I devices
17. It looks dated and isn’t very intuitive to find stuff, especially if you need to be logged in or not to find stuff.
18. Updated look/feel, more mobile accessibility
19. Links from the newsl to photos and recipes
20. Please just make sure you continue the complete, up-to-date membership database.
21. “Please improve the overall site design – change the banner to something more exciting then kegs and jockey boxes – more of the membership. It currently has a dated look and feel.
22. I think we would benefit from a sharper more pleasing web page. In addition, I would like to see more content accessible in one or two clicks – as things stand now you have to drill down into the site to find anything.
23. FREE BEER!!!
24. I’m fairly new to BURP.org so don’t have any suggestions for this.
25. Please attempt to design considering mobile device access
26. Current site is old and out of date looking.. Make it look modern and enticing.
27. Some young graphic designer type.
28. Needs to be updated more frequently.
29. More photos
30. RSS feed so members could “subscribe” and know when content was added/updated.
31. It’s obviously difficult to keep the site info current (suppliers, discounts, etc.) but that’s useful. Classified ads sound interesting but hard to keep up to date. I’d like to be able to print off a membeership list (with addresses) like the old one. Perhaps add an “announcements” area because sometimes we don’t hear all the announcements at a meeting.
32. I’m not worried about appearance, just functionality
33. I don’t visit the site a lot, but the current look feels outdated to me. I think some of the things that give me this impression are the way the members display (little people instead of photos) and some of the boxiness and colors on the main page.
34. Suggest a couple of floating goodwill ambassadors that would chat with new members or possible new members that appear to be not circulating with other BURP members (loaners).
35. Patience with tech-challenged…
36. Put individual newspaper articles up as website content so it’s available in more forms that just the PDF.
37. look and feel are fine now, but the resources could be much more (depends on the time commitment from webmaster…).
38. I am satisfied however I am also open to improvements.
39. All aspects involving membership (reduce/remove login errors), make it easier to join/renew
40. Make finding directions to meetings easier for all members
41. Refine the information architecture – improvements could be made to the top-nav categories. For example, ‘Members’ ‘BURP’ and ‘Contacts’ all contain information about BURP members so seem redundant; ‘Beer’ and ‘BURP’ are vague so readers have to consider the sub-categories to understand what they mean. Also, consider adding a category dedicated to joining BURP – benefits, cost, online registration, etc.
42. Better utilize of home page – this prime ‘real estate’ currently houses the mission and photo from latest meeting. Readers must search for stuff like the latest newsletter, meeting directions, or competition information. I suggest removing the mission statement (it’s on the About page), then promote the latest/most sought information on the front page.
43. options?
44. Improve navigation. For example, I didn’t know that there is a library resource (cited in an earlier question). Managing membership would be helpful too.
45. Things that are exclusive to BURP (i.e., that can’t be obtained from other sites) or local to our area.
46. I do not like the top banner. Pictures are okay, but seem to be randomly placed and are too big.
47. I like this one better: http://club.azhomebrewers.org/
48. Definitely need a store, and it would be helpful to use the BURP site for all membership tasks.
49. Can’t think of any right now
Section III. Demographics

Can we contact you for additional BURP.ORG feedback and possible revisions to the website?
Yes 48 71%
No 20 29%

How often do you buy Homebrewing equipment or supplies online per year?
<3 34 47%
4-10 26 36%
10+ 12 17%

How often do you buy Homebrewing equipment or supplies at a Local Homebrew store per year?
<3 26 36%
4-10 25 35%
10+ 21 29%

How much money do you spend on Homebrewing per year?
< $200 20 28%
$200-$500 30 42%
$500+ 21 30%

Do you belong to any other Homebrew clubs?
Yes 24 32%
No 50 68%

If so which other clubs?
• Is really any other club I don’t, but the brewer half of the family membership also belongs to CSI.
• foam
• DC Homebrewers
• DC Hombrewers
• Worthogs
• DC Homebrewers
• BN Army….
• I suppose DC Homebrewers Club
• Covert Hops John,
• Tucson Home Club (but not active)
• the brewing network
• NovaHomebrew
• The Worthogs
• Prince William Brewers Guild
• B.A.R.F. (Brewers Association of Retired Fellows)
• Homebrewers of Philadelphia and Suburbs (HOPS)
• Prince William Brewers Guild,
• DC Homebrewers
• Thinking about joining GRIST and DC Homebrewers
• BA
• Grist (Arlington/NoVa),
• DCHomebrewers (mostly for their facebook community – lots of discussion there)