2013 SoFB results


Spirit of Free Beer Results, 2013
504 Entries
Date: 05/11/2013

NOTES:  Winning Best of Show (BOS) beers highlighted in red.

Light Lager (10 Entries)
John Peed Arbeitermann 1E: Dortmunder
Tennessee Valley
2 Mark Girard, John Gosselin, Greg McCullough, Heath Ehret
Shaking Bracket Collection Of 2012 – Munich Helles 1D: Munich Helles BURP
3 Mark Girard, John Gosselin, Greg McCullough, Heath Ehret Shaking Bracket Collection Of 2012 – Premium American Lager 1C: Premium American Lager BURP

Pilsner (17 Entries)
1 Bill Ridgely, Wendy Aaronson Bayerische Kuss 2A: German Pilsner (Pils) BURP
2 Sean Kennan Pils 1211 2A: German Pilsner (Pils) Wort Hogs
3 Kathy Koch, Andy Anderson U Jeden Pes 2B: Bohemian Pilsener BURP

Euro Amber Lager (9 Entries)
1 Edward Bielaus Oaf Fest 3B: Oktoberfest/Marzen
2 Calvin Perilloux Vienna 3A: Vienna Lager BURP
3 Lee Rogan, Rick Sancarranco Oktoberfest Sytle 3B: Oktoberfest/Marzen FunnyBrau

Dark Lager (10 Entries)
1 Bobby Don Johnson Mob Barleys Schwarzbier 4C: Schwarzbier Dead Yeast Society
2 J.P. Sloan, Patrick Nicholls Heidi The Tavern Wench 4B: Munich Dunkel FOAM
3 Scott Burns, Hope O’Keeffe Aaron Swartzbier 4C: Schwarzbier BURP

Bock (19 Entries)
1 Michael Marino Mikey’s Osterbock 5B: Traditional Bock The Brewing Network
2 Michael Marino Von Der Klippe 5D: Eisbock The Brewing Network
3 Calvin Perilloux Alpenkindl 5B: Traditional Bock BURP

Light Hybrid (25 Entries)
Edward Bielaus (BOS #1)
Menninger’s Memorial KSA
6C: Kolsch

2 Joe Rezendes Tube Sox Ale 6A: Cream Ale The Brewing Network
3 Tyler Johnson Kolsch 6C: Kolsch

Amber Hybrid (20 Entries)
Mark Girard, John Gosselin, Greg McCullough, Heath Ehret Alternator 7C: Dusseldorf Altbier BURP
2 Bob Rouse Californe Eye A Lager 7B: California Common BURP
3 Mark Girard, John Gosselin, Greg McCullough, Heath Ehret Alternative 7C: Dusseldorf Altbier BURP

English Pale Ale (17 Entries)
1 Mel Thompson Looks Like Bodily Fluid Two 8A: Standard/Ordinary Bitter BURP
2 Calvin Perilloux Bramling 8B: Special/Best/Premium Bitter BURP
3 Mark Girard, John Gosselin, Greg McCullough, Heath Ehret JTIII’s ESB 8C: Extra Special/Strong Bitter BURP

Scottish and Irish (19 Entries)
Bill Ridgely, Wendy Aaronson Auld Rabbie Burns 9C: Scottish Export 80/- BURP
2 Bill Ridgely, Wendy Aaronson MacAthair O’ The Dog 9E: Strong Scotch Ale BURP
3 Chris Bible Danny Boy Delight 9D: Irish Red Ale

American Ale (41 Entries)
1 Webster Anderson, Mitch Pilchuk F-16 Falcon Ale 10A: American Pale Ale NovaHomeBrew
2 Nicole Owren-Wiest The Brown 10C: American Brown
3 Dennis Petersen SMaSHing Pale Ale 10A: American Pale Ale

English Brown Ale (17 Entries)
1 Matt Schonewald Northern English Brown 11C: Northern English Brown Ale
2 Jamey Barlow Motherless Mild 11A: Mild CAMRA (Charlottesville Area Masters of Real Ale)
3 Calvin Perilloux Mild 11A: Mild BURP

Porter (26 Entries)
1 Brian Bergquist, Scott & Rod Bergquist Robust Porter #3 12B: Robust Porter FBI (Fredericksburg Brewing Insiders)
2 James Tweeddale Any Porter In A Storm 12C: Baltic Porter
3 Lee Kexel Brown Porter 12A: Brown Porter

Stout (30 Entries)
1 Bill Peters Smove Move 13A: Dry Stout Shenandoah Valley
Homebrewers Guild
2 Chris Bible Ebony Insanity 13D: Foreign Extra
3 Mitch Pilchuk, Nathan Welsh Dark Gentleman 13F: Imperial Stout Nova HomeBrew, BURP

Indian Pale Ale (35 Entries)
1 John Gonzales Retro IPA 14B: American IPA
2 Dan Bremer, Steve Bremer Screaming Goat IPA 14B: American IPA BURP
3 Mel Thompson Seventy-Seventy 14B: American IPA BURP

German Wheat/Rye (13 Entries)
1 Mac Butcher Hefelicious 15A: Weizen/Weissbier Fellowship of Oklahoma Ale Makers (FOAM)
2 Steve Lawrence, Hannah Block Dunkelweizen XX 15B: Dunkelweizen DC Homebrewers
3 Wendy Schmidt Weizen 15A: Weizen/Weissbier BURP

Belgian and French (37 Entries)
Jeff Ferraro (BOS #3)
Bloody Chainsaw – Size 12
16E: Belgian Specialty

2 Gallagher Dempsey Nicole’s Wit 16A: Witbier
3 Frank Filteau BIPA2 16E: Belgian Specialty

Sour Ales (13 Entries)
1 Steve Marler A VOTRE SANTE Dave and Becky 17D: Straight (Unblended) Lambic BURP
2 Jamey Barlow Bears, Beets,
Battlestar Galactica
17C: Flanders Brown Ale/Oud Bruin CAMRA (Charlottesville Area
Masters of Real Ale)
3 Scott Strain Primus 17A: Berliner Weisse South Omaha Brewers

Belgian Strong (21 Entries)
1 Joe Rezendes Dangeresque Ale 18E: Belgian Dark Strong Ale The Brewing Network
2 Jody Grenert Golden Girl 18D: Belgian Golden Strong Ale Athens Homebrew Club
3 John Watterson, Austen Cutrell Trip Aces 18C: Belgian Tripel Mile High Monks

Strong Ales (16 Entries)
Mel Thompson (BOS #2)
Too Strong For A Limey
19B: English Barleywine

2 Kathy Koch, Andy Anderson Old Sissy Pants 19B: English Barleywine BURP
3 Steve Claeys Powhatan Brewery Barleywine Style Ale – 2013 19B: English Barleywine DC Homebrew

Fruit/Spice/Herb/Vegetable (29 Entries)
1 Mark Girard, John Gosselin, Greg McCullough, Heath Ehret Fruity McFruitFruit 20A: Fruit Beer BURP
2 Michael Tonsmeire Nectarine Sour Pale 20A: Fruit Beer BURP
3 Mark Hogenmiller, Bud Hensgen Double Trouble 21A: Spice, Herb, or Vegetable Beer BURP

Smoked-Flavored/Wood-Aged (25 Entries)
1 David Schumacher SchuBrew Quad 22C: Wood-Aged Beer Northland Brew Crew
2 Tim Arndt, Kyle Motley, Jeff R, Charles Bitter, David Meyers, Peter Starr, Mike Stephenson, Ron Grosholz, Bill Peters, Travis Moreland,Joe Lee, Kyle Blair, Bobby Faulk, Eric Boyers,John Darsie, Nic Carroll SVHG Thunder Barrel Scotch Ale 22C: Wood-Aged Beer Shenandoah Valley Homebrewers Guild
Robert Burger My Old Kentucky Home 22C: Wood-Aged Beer

Specialty Beer (31 Entries)
1 Lee Kexel Kellerbier 23A: Specialty Beer
2 Nicole Owren-Wiest Chocolate Rye IPA 23A: Specialty Beer
3 Paul Gantner Holy Gose 23A: Specialty Beer

Meads – Trad/Melomel/Other (7 Entries)
1 Lee Kexel LP’s BDay 26C: Open Category Mead
2 Tim Artz Liquid Baklava 26C: Open Category Mead BURP
3 Yancy Bodenstein Sleeping Giant 26B: Braggot BURP
HM  Tim Artz 2005 Traditional Mead 24C: Sweet Mead BURP

Standard Cider and Perry (17 Entries)
1 Bill Ridgely, Wendy Aaronson Da Clear 27B: English Cider BURP
2 Robert Burger Maple Bourbon Cider 28D: Other Specialty Cider or Perry
3 Mark Hogenmiller Temptation 27A: Common Cider BURP
HM Thomas Sords Apfelwein #3 28C: Applewine BURP