2016 SoFB Specialty 3rd place recipe

Popp’n Smoke Habanero Rauchbier

Brewer(s) Matthew Ellis

Profile:  Rauchbier Base

Batch size 5.5 gal

OG: 1.059

FG: 1.013

SRM Color:  18

Boil length: 60

Total IBUs: 25

Target Water profile and water treatment:  Munich target using Montgomery Co, MD fall water profile.  Added 2 grams chalk


Amount (lbs) Item % of grain bill
5 American 2 Row
4 Weyerman Smoked Malt
1 Honey Malt
.5 Carfa I
.5 Light DME

Mash schedule (Temp and time):


Amount Type Time IBUs
1 Perle 60 23
1 Spalt 5 2


Yeast: WLP029

Fermentation Temp: 68

Fermentation time: one week primary & one week secondary

Other procedures

Cut one habanero pepper in quarters.  Put it in a jar with 4 oz vodka for one week.  Then remove pepper.  When handling peppers always wear gloves.  When preparing bottles a use a pipette in put approximately 1 ml per 12 oz bottle.

Carbonation and fining: carbonated to 2.5 volumes in a keg.  Added whirlfloc at 15 minutes.