Announcements for January 2017

January’s Meeting

Our first meeting is slated for January 21st. That’s just over two weeks away- so mark your calendars!

This month’s meeting is being held jointly with the BADASS home brew club and will be at the American Legion in Wheaton again.  As in years past, only home brew will be permitted on premises.  Here are a few key highlights for the meeting.  

  • First, Dr. Brad Smith ( of Beersmith software and blog fame will be our guest speaker. He’ll be presenting on his software and taking questions/troubleshooting issues from the audience.  His presentation will be from 11 AM to 12 PM at the American Legion, so plan to come to the meeting early!  
  • Second, the competition for the meeting will be Specialty IPAs (Category 21B).  Details/registration for the competition are forthcoming from our esteemed Ministers of Culture- Greg and Matt.  
  • Third, the BADASS’s Adam Stine will be hosting an educational session where they will be making different varieties of hop teas for meeting goers to sample.  Please consider donating hops to the cause here: BADASS/BURP Hop Donations.

We Have New MERCH!

Check out our new snazzy “Body by BURP” t-shirts for sale!  You can get one (sizes S-XXL) at the meeting for the low at-cost price of $10 cash or $10.50 on plastic (to cover fees).  Afterward, the shirts will be available on the BURP website and the cost will go up to $15, so don’t delay…. Get your BURP merch today!


We’re Looking for a Few Good BURPers… to Host

Specifically, we’re looking for hosts/locations in Virginia for club meetings in meetings July and December.  If you’re interested in hosting or have ideas for locations, come find one of the Ministers or Fearless Leader if you’re at January’s meeting or shoot the officers an email.

BURP’s 35th Anniversary Brew Label Design Competition

This is a call for label designs for BURP’s 35th Anniversary Brew (an imperial saison), which is now bottled and conditioning nicely at Jim Busch’s house.  The competition is open from the second you read this email until February’s club meeting.  The date of that meeting is tentatively set for February 25th, but it’s not finalized (so don’t drag your feet).  After the meeting, we will post the entries on the BURP website for voting, which will be open until March 17th.  The winner will be announced at March’s Meeting and will receive FABULOUS prizes!! (OK- maybe not FABULOUS but prizes nonetheless) If you’re willing and able, take a shot at BURP Immortality.  You can send your entries to Dave White at his email address listed in the BURP Directory.

National Homebrew Competition- Save The Date!

NHC’s Entry Window is coming up at the end of the month.  Click on the link for more details. Window to Apply: January 30 – February 5