Announcing the Winner of the 2017 Bill Moe Award

I’m pleased to announce that a selection has been made for this year’s Spirit of Free Beer Competition Bill Moe Award. This annual award is named for the late BURP member Bill Moe and is given to the participant who achieves the highest scoring beer at the competition with a malt extract-based beer (i.e., at least 50% of the fermentables must be based on malt extract). Bill Moe won several awards at the Spirit of Free Beer with his extract-based beers before sadly passing away from cancer in Oct 2001 at the too young age of 30.

This year’s Bill Moe winner is Joe Federico from Alexandria, VA, a member of the BURP Club (as well as the DC Homebrewers and the 50 West Homebrewers). Joe took 1st place in the Strong Ale medal category with his extract-based American Barleywine named “Lord Fatbottom”. His beer achieved a score of 38 from the judges, which gives it an overall rating of “excellent”. His recipe used a base of Briess Sparkling Amber and Golden Light liquid malt extracts along with some carapils malt and several grades of crystal malt.

The Bill Moe award, along with awards and prizes for all other SOFB winners, will be presented at the BURP Club meeting on Saturday, April 22 in Rockville, MD. All of the leftover beers from the competition will also be made available for the drinking pleasure of all who attend the meeting.

Congratulations to Joe and hope to see everyone at the awards ceremony!


Bill Ridgely
SOFB 2017 Organizer