BURP 2020 No-Contact Brewing Competition

It’s BURP’s Virtual Competition Schedule! July – Session Beer.

For this competition, any style goes as long as it’s 5% ABV or below (yes, we can argue all day what the ABV cutoff for a session beer should be, but for the purpose of this competition it’s 5%!). We are limiting the number of entries to 10 total entries on a first come, first serve basis with 1 entry per person allowed. We are asking for three (3) 12oz bottles (this is critical so that the bottles can be delivered to 3 separate judges). You’ll need to register your beer no later than July 1st and drop your beer off no later than July 6th.  You can drop off the entries at either location listed below & Jeanne/Matt will deliver them to judges from there (I recommend leaving the entries at their door & texting/calling to let them know to keep this contactless!).

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