Below are some web links that BURPers have found helpful. BURPers, please, let us know what web sites you find useful by commenting to this post

General Brewing/Beer Information

All About Beer -Brewing and Beer magazine

Brewery Library -Links to web-accessible documents of good quality…some on the Brewery server, others on remote servers.

Brewing Techniques – Brewing articles

The Brewing Network– Web radio station

Homebrew Digest -List Service containing a wealth of brewing information which can be accessed using the search feature


Pro Brewer – As you might guess from the name, targets the professional brewpub market, but has discussion of various brewing topics at a high level. – many recipes, and some brewing calculators.

Out of town beer guide

Real Beer Pub finder

Beer Me Pub finder

Brew Pub Zone

Pub Crawler

Philly Pub Crawls

Pittsburgh Pub Crawl

Munich beer guide

Quaff ale – Directory of UK real Ale– English pubs and Inns

Bamberg and Franconia beer guide

Brewing forums

Brew Dudes– Brewing forum

Northern Brewer forum


Shut up about Barclay Perkins


Real Beer protein rest– Protein rest or nor to protein rest

Brewing Water

Grain and adjuncts

Briess – Malt descriptions

Malt Descriptions – Malt Descriptions


Yakima Chief – Hop Varieties

Hopsteiner – Hop Varieties

Hop Union – Hop Varieties, and also describes advantages/disadvantages of different hop forms (whole hops, pellets, extracts).


White Labs – Yeast company

Wyeast – Yeast company

Jamil’s Yeast Calculator


Thousand Oak barrels – Oak barrels


Homebrew Clubs

AHA Club Finder – All registered AHA clubs

Real Beer Club finder

Free State Homebrew Club Guild – Group of Maryland clubs

Individual clubs

Bay Area Mashers – Northern California East Bay club

Boston Wort Processors – Boston MA club

FOAM Rangers – has an overview of the main beer ingredients (water, hops, malt, yeast), brewing calculators, and other random potentially useful stuff.

James River Homebrewers – Richmond VA club

Knights of the Mashing Fork – A CT brewing club with a variety of articles covering the main brewing ingredients, and also some do-it-yourself projects (like a portable, garbage can based kegerator)

Wort Hogs – Reston VA club

Beer judging, evaluation and styles

BJCP Exam Study Guidelines – comprehensive beer judging guide
BJCP Style Guidelines – indexed by categories

BJCP Color Guidelines

Focus on Flavor – article by master beer judge Scott Bickham

All About Beer – articles about evaluating beer

Rate Beers – ratings of commercial beers
Beer Advocate – ratings of commercial beers and beer establishments
Beer Tasting for Beginners – contains links to many other resources