BURP 10 Years Ago This Month – April 2006

Compiled by Bill Ridgely, BURP Archivist

April showers were the featured event at the April 2006 BURP meeting held at the home of Bud & Helen Hensgen in Arlington, VA. The rain began early and continued through the day, seemingly getting harder and harder as time went by. Fortunately, a number of people brought canopies, and the crowd of 40+ people cheerfully gathered under them to enjoy the usual BURP meeting beer and food extravaganza. Enlightenment Ministers Wendy Aaronson & Tom Cannon conducted a “doctored beer” session emphasizing beer aromas, flavors and contamination sources. One of the beers used in the session was Steve Marler’s now-legendary Cicada Ale, which everyone felt was … interesting! Steve also contributed bottles of the last Foggy Bottom Ale produced by the soon-to-be-defunct Old Heurich Brewing Co. The club toasted longtime FOB (Friend of BURP) Gary Heurich for his heroic but ultimately unsuccessful attempt to bring the hometown beer back to the DC area. (Read more about Heurich here.)

The featured competition at the meeting was for Extract Beers, one of which was the beer brewed by club members at the previous meeting. The competition was held offline because of the weather. The results, reported in the next newsletter were: 1st, David Todd (IPA); 2nd, Stein and Kai Langlie (Brown Ale); and 3rd, Team BURP (for the beer brewed at the meeting – an extract Cream Ale). Interestingly, the BURP brew was supposed to be an American Pale Ale, but the yeast contributed to the project was a German Alt Yeast designed for cooler fermentation temperatures. So the recipe was adjusted accordingly.

Later in April, a large group of BURPers traveled to Baltimore for a 2-day pub crawl. Five members of the group cycled to the area from DC, also in pouring rain (which seemed to be a recurring theme for the month). A good time was had by all visiting Clipper City Brewing Co, Brewer’s Art, and the (now defunct) ÐuClaw Brewing Co Fells Point location.

The contents of the combined Mar-Apr 2006 BURP News was covered in last month’s column.