BURP 10 Years Ago this Month – Dec 2007

Compiled by Bill Ridgely, BURP Archivist

Once again, as it had since the first such event in 1988, the annual BURP potluck holiday banquet assumed its role as *the* place to be for BURP members during the holiday season of 2007. Once again held at the Lyon Park Community Center in Arlington, VA, the event featured a wonderful array of homebrewed beer and homecooked food (with dishes prepared using beer as an ingredient). But I can think of no better description of the event than the meeting report submitted by BURPer Colleen Cannon and published in the Jan 2008 issue of the BURP News. Here is Colleen’s wonderful poem “Let it Brew” (sung to the tune of “Let it Snow”):

Oh! The election campaign was frightful
The debates were so incite-ful
and since we’ve no choice any-hoo
Let us brew! Let us brew! Let us brew!

Now you had to get there early
to give the competition beers a swirling
for the first keg to kick, they say
was IPA! IPA! IPA!

When the ballots were finally cast
the on-line votes where were they?
Were they captured by terrorists?

Steve Marler was dressed as Santa
red suit with white fur trim
and the kiddies’ delight turned dim:
Oh! It’s HIM!, No it’s him, oh it’s him

They say BURPERs know how to eat
lots of food with or without meat
plus dessert, what a glorious feast
beans and stews and roast beast!

The new members of 2007
say that BURP is just “beer heaven”
Here’s a message from President-elect Hew:
“Let us brew! Let us brew! Let us brew!”

A few notes would be in order:

* The election for 2008 Fearless Leader featured longtime BURPer Alan Hew vs equally longtime BURPer Jamie Langlie, and the hard-fought campaign indeed elicited serious debate. In the end, Alan and Jamie decided to run together. At the Dec meeting, they were elected as 2008 co-leaders of the club.

* The homebrew competition for Holiday Beers was also hard fought. In the end, the results were: 1st place – Mel Thompson for his Bock; 2nd place – Max Green for his Holiday Spiced Ale; and 3rd place – AJ deLange & the BURP Club for the club’s 25th anniversary Barleywine (as secretly entered by the Ministers of Culture).

* The BURP “Brewer of the Year”, given to the member who scored the most winning points in the monthly competitions over the course of the year, was presented to the brewing team of Mel Thompson & Ed Bielaus (It should be noted that Mel had won the award on his own in 2006).

The Dec 2007 issue of BURP News featured Trish Koch’s nice meeting report on the Nov Real Ale Festival (as mentioned in last month’s column) along with some photos of the event taken by Pat & Janet Crowe. The recipe for the Champion Real Ale, Wendell Ose’s English Dark Mild, was also included, along with the now-legendary recipe for “Slop Soup” created by Wendy Aaronson & Jim Kelly for the event (made using beer cleared from the beer lines during the Real Ale Competition the night before). Wendy’s advice – Don’t Toss Out the Slop! You can read the entire issue on the BURP website at https://www.burp.org/wp-content/uploads/2015/12/Newsletter200712.pdf.