BURP 10 Years Ago This Month – January & February 2006

Compiled by Bill Ridgely, BURP Archivist

10 Years Ago (Jan 2006) – There was no regular BURP meeting to begin the new year of 2006. Instead, the club held a special award dinner to celebrate the contributions (to both BURP in general as well as the annual Spirit of Free Beer competition) of Jerry Bailey, the founder and owner of Old Dominion Brewing Co in Ashburn, VA. The dinner was held at the Old Dominion Brewpub and marked the presentation of BURP’s first Brewer Appreciation Award. Organized by BURP’s Bud Hensgen (who was also a co-founder of Old Dominion Brewing), the dinner was subsidized by the club (with club members paying slightly more than half of the $40 per person cost of the dinner) and was a great time for all. A plaque honoring Jerry for his work was presented during the dinner, and attendees had a great time sampling the many beers on tap at the brewpub and enjoyed a fine meal. In addition to the dinner, the club did hold its monthly homebrew competition for January. The competition was for beers in the American Ale and IPA categories, and entries were collected at the beer dinner. The actual competition was conducted the next day at the home of Co-Culture Minister Jamie Langlie. Separate winners were announced in each category, with Bud Hensgen taking 1st place in American Ale (with his Pale Ale) and Ty Ming taking 1st place in the IPA category (with his Imperial IPA).

The Jan 2006 issue of BURP News featured new Fearless Leader Steve Marler’s first column, in which he expounded on possible activities in honor of the club’s 25th anniversary. Much of the remainder of the issue was devoted to two (yes, count ‘em) lengthy December meeting reports. Rounding out the issue was Charlie Pavitt’s “Trivial Beer-Suits” column on the health benefits of drinking beer and Wendy Aaronson’s review of technical literature, this time on yeast viability in hoppy beers and the sad problem of some brewers with “premature yeast flocculation”.

10 Years Ago (Feb 2006) – The Feb 2006 BURP meeting was held at the home of Lou King & Harriet Langlois in Ijamsville, MD. Several of BURP’s cold weather meetings were held during this time period at the King/Langlois home, a wonderful location despite being a bit out of the way for VA members. Several themes were pursued at this meeting. BURP’s Enlightenment Ministers Wendy Aaronson & Tom Cannon provided an educational session on Dusseldorf Altbier, consisting of a tasting (and tutored judging) of several commercial versions. A standout was Uerige Doppelsticke, a higher gravity version of an already higher-gravity seasonal altbier style called Sticke. At 10% ABV, this beer packed a considerable punch and was full of complexity. Other beers in the tasting included Heavyweight Brewing’s “Stickenjab” (a 6.4% stickebier), Southampton Brewing’s “Secret Beer”, and Alaska Brewing’s “Alaskan Amber” (which most people felt was the closest to the BJCP style guidelines for Dusseldorf Altbier). Following the educational session, the club’s monthly homebrew competition, for Strong Ales, was judged on the patio. Winners, announced at meeting’s end, were: 1st, Mel Thompson (English Barleywine); 2nd, Steve Marler (Old Ale), and 3rd, Mel Thompson (American Barleywine).

The Feb 2006 BURP News featured Wendy Aaronson encouraging members to try brewing an extract beer for the upcoming club extract competition. Professor Charlie Pavitt rounded out the issue with his review of the evidence linking beer consumption with increased brain power in one’s later (65+) years. Several studies showed consumption of beer lowered risk of mental impairment in older drinkers by at least 40%. Charlie concluded that “a beer a day keeps the mind in good fighting shape”.