BURP 10 Years Ago this Month – Jul 2007

Compiled by Bill Ridgely – BURP Archivist

BURP members began the month of July 2007 with a special day at the ballpark – RFK stadium at the time since the new ballpark was still in early planning stages. The 41 members attending enjoyed a big tailgate party in the parking lot before heading into the stadium to see the Nats defeat the Brewers. And the club even received recognition on the big scoreboard (“The Nationals Welcome Brewers United for Real Potables”).

During the heat of summer, there’s nothing more refreshing than a dip in the local swimming pool. For a number of years, BURP members had the joy of taking that dip during the July meeting held at the home of Bruce Bennett and Nancy Cosier in Nokesville, VA. The summer of 2007 was no exception to the rule. On a hot and humid day in late July, poolside at Bruce and Nancy’s was the place to be. There was a good sized crowd with several new members participating. And of course, there was the monthly homebrew competition – this time for Light Lagers, a most refreshing style for a hot summer day (and a difficult style to perfect). Judged by BURPers Tom Cannon, Janet Crowe, & Wendy Schmidt, the competition featured some excellent renditions of the style. At meeting’s end, the winners were announced: 1st, Rick Garvin & Christine Johnbrier with a Munich Helles; 2nd, Mel Thompson & Ed Bielaus with a Dortmuncer Export; and 3rd, Paul Langlie with a Premium American Lager. The recipe for Rick & Christine’s winning entry (named Menage a Trois) was published in the August issue of the BURP News, which can be viewed at https://www.burp.org/wp-content/uploads/2015/12/Newsletter200708.pdf.

The July 2007 issue of BURP News featured the recipe for the Best of Show beer at the 2007 Spirit of Free Beer Competition – Ken Gillespie’s N. English Brown Ale. Ken’s simple but elegant recipe topped out at 1.050 OG and clocked in at 5.2% ABV (love those English session ales!). Organizer Bill Ridgely next provided a teaser for the upcoming 20th anniversary MASHOUT which, among many other special events, would feature the band of renowned guitar virtuoso Tom Principato. The weekend ultimately sold out in a matter of hours after tickets went on sale. The issue finished with Dr Charlie Pavitt’s monthly column, this time featuring the brewing exploits of our founding fathers, including beer recipes from both Ben Franklin and George Washington. You can read the issue in its entirety at https://www.burp.org/wp-content/uploads/2015/12/Newsletter200707.pdf.