BURP 10 Years Ago this Month – Jun 2006

Compiled by Bill Ridgely, BURP Archivist

The June 2006 meeting, which featured the awards ceremony for BURP’s 14th annual Spirit of Free Beer homebrew competition as well as a pilsner competition (in the club’s monthly competition series), was held at the home of Alan Hew & Jude Wang in College Park, MD. Alan and Jude graciously provided beautiful sunny weather, a large lawn, a cool basement, and a big screen TV on which to watch the USA vs Italy World Cup soccer game (in which Italy scored one goal for itself and one goal for the US). SOFB Prize Coordinator Trish Koch ably handed out competition prize packages, a cornucopia of great contributions from SOFB’s many sponsors. At the same time, all attending enjoyed 5 large coolers full of leftover entries from the competition. In addition to these beers, there were some great contributions from others, including a firkin of ESB provided by Alan and a keg of Czech Pils donated by Gordon Biersch brewer-at-the-time (and now craft brewing legend) Jason Oliver. Some excellent pilsners were entered in the monthly club competition. At the time, the pilsner style comprised 3 sub-categories: German Pils, Bohemian Pils, and Classic American Pils. The winners were announced at meeting’s end: 1st, Jim Busch for his German Pils; 2nd, A.J. deLange for his Bohemian Pils; and 3rd, Rick Garvin & Christine Johnbrier for their German Pils.

The June 2006 issue of BURP News was chock full of great writing! The issue began with the announcement that BURPer Ed Bielaus had just won Best of Show in the prestigious Master’s Championship of Amateur Brewing (MCAB) competition with his Belgian Witbier (notably, BURPer Phil Sides had won the MCAB competition a few years earlier, also with a Witbier). Next up were the recipes for both the winning chili in the BURP Chili Cook-Off held the month before as well as the winning “Best Beer with Chili” (Rick & Christine’s Frankische Kellerbier). Following this were two travelogues, one on the craft brewing scene in Milan, Italy (by your humble compiler) and a 2nd on a recent tour of the legendary Dixie Brewery in New Orleans, LA by Roger Deschner. Finally, Dr Charlie Pavitt, in his monthly Trivial Beer-Suits column, enlightened readers on the ground-breaking work done by French scientist Louis Pasteur on control of bacteria in foods and beverages, a process that later became known to the world as pasteurization.