BURP 10 Years Ago this Month – Jun 2008

Compiled by Bill Ridgely, BURP Archivist

June can be a hot month in the DC area, and this was certainly the case for the June 2008 BURP meeting held at the home of Jamie & Paul Langlie in Kensington, MD. As was common at this time, the meeting served several different purposes – first as the awards and prizes ceremony for BURP’s 16th Spirit of Free Beer Homebrew Competition (held the previous month). In addition, all of the leftover beers from the competition were made available for attendees to enjoy. And finally, the club’s regular monthly homebrew competition was held (the theme this month being “light hybrid beers”). Temperatures reached the upper 90’s by the start of the meeting, but the huge variety of competition beers helped keep everyone hydrated. Club Enlightenment Ministers Wendy Aaronson & Tom Cannon conducted a blind tasting of nine SOFB beers in four different style categories. Participants had to determine which beers had been entered in which categories. The award for the most correct guesses went to BURPer Rod Rydlun, who correctly identified 7 of the 9 beers. The SOFB awards ceremony, conducted by Competition Organizers (and BURP Culture Ministers) Bruce Bennett & Wendy Schmidt, went smoothly despite the absence of many of the winners. This had been a watershed year for two of BURP’s best brewers. Ed Bielaus and Mel Thompson won fully half of all first place prizes in the twenty 2008 SOFB competition categories, and they took 1st and 2nd place Best of Show as well. Following the awards ceremony, the monthly competition was conducted. There were only two entries, but both were excellent beers. Jamie & Paul Langlie took 1st place and Mel Thompson took 2nd place with their Blond Ales. The meeting concluded with a nice musical interlude performed by Bags Howard & Chuck “Pops” Popenoe as cooling breezes finally wafted over the scene.

The Jun 2008 BURP News began with wrap-ups of the club’s two big events in May – the Chili Cook-Off and the Spirit of Free Beer competition. Chili Commissioner Matt Pyle included some nice photos in his report on the cook-off, and this was followed by the recipes for the best chili (Tim Artz’s “Smokin’ Bowl o’ Red”) and the best beer to go with chili (“Schtupper’s Hop Pocket Pool Pils”, brewed by the Cannons, Crowes, & Steve Marler – otherwise known as the Dickheads). You can read the full issue on the BURP website at https://www.burp.org/wp-content/uploads/2015/12/Newsletter200806.pdf.