BURP 10 Years Ago this month – Mar 2007

Compiled by Bill Ridgely, BURP Archivist

In honor of St Patrick’s Day, March has been Stout Month for the BURP Club for a number of years now. The main event of the meeting has been the Dan McCoubrey Memorial Stout Competition, BURP’s longest running monthly competition (named after the club’s late founding father Dan McCoubrey, who brewed only stout). For the 2nd year in a row, this meeting was held at the home of Rick Garvin & Christine Johnbrier in McLean, VA. And also for the 2nd consecutive year, an extract brewing demonstration took place prior to the meeting, conducted by Co-Enlightenment Ministers Wendy Aaronson & Tom Cannon. Several brewers showed up for the demo, which served not only as an extract brewing training session but as a source of beer for the following month’s BURP meeting (which would feature an extract beer competition). It was a clear, cool day, so the brewing session went off well. Ingredients for the beer (an ESB) were contributed by Bob Frank of The Flying Barrel in Frederick, MD. Helpers included one of BURP’s longest standing members (Chuck Popenoe) as well as one of its newest members (Jim Core). Following the brew session, club members enjoyed some fine commercial and homebrewed stouts along with the usual plethora of food items on the buffet table. As always, the stout competition attracted a large number of entries, so the judges decided to evaluate the beers offline the following week. The winners were announced in the April issue of the BURP News: 1st, Mel Thompson & Ty Ming for a Foreign Extra Stout; 2nd, Mike Horkan for an American Stout; and 3rd, Mel Thompson for an Irish Dry Stout.

The Mar 2007 issue of BURP News began with an exhortation from longtime BURPer Steve Marler for each club member to brew and enter at least one beer in the upcoming Spirit of Free Beer competition. The competition was in its 15th year and was recognized as one of the best competitions in the country. Steve felt it was important for those in a homebrew club to actually brew beer and support one of the club’s biggest and longest running events. Following this, Dr Charlie Pavitt, in his monthlyTrivial Beer-Suits column, told us the story of Ninkasi, the beer goddess of ancient Sumeria, and the hymn written in her honor (and inscribed on a clay tablet) around 1800 BC. Charlie reproduced the hymn in his column and then told the story of another ancient beer drinker from the fertile crescent, Gilgamesh. This epic warrior was accompanied by a half man, half bull named Enkidu, who drank so much beer that it turned him from beast to human. Too bad that doesn’t work for everyone! You can read the whole issue here: https://www.burp.org/wp-content/uploads/2015/12/Newsletter200703.pdf.