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BURP Bulletin – June 2022

Slainte BURP!
Well, summer is finally here! It’s June, how in the world did that happen?! Where did April and May go? Wow they flew by! I hope everyone is doing well and you’re getting out and enjoying the beautiful summer weather! As the weather heats up, so does the club’s summertime activities. Let’s get into the monthly missive…
May’s Meeting – Chili Cookoff – Hosted by The Albersheims
  • First and foremost, BIG round of applause and thanks to Andrea and Dave Albersheim for hosting the Chili Cookoff this year!!! What a wonderful space to have the cookoff. We can’t wait for next year!
  • Second, holy crap was it HOT, and I’m not talking about the chili. Wow, it was a scorcher of a day in the mid-90s but thank you to all the teams that braved the heat and everybody that came out to the meeting. It was a great time and really awesome that we’re getting back to our regularly scheduled programs!
  • All the chilis were great and the beers served with the chili were great too. We had eight chili entries and eight beer entries. Thank you to everyone for all the work you put into making it a great meeting. Results from the chili, best beer with chili, and March meeting beer comp are below.
  • Dave White also announced all the SoFB Lite winners. Please reach out to Dave if you won and need to pick up your prizes. Thanks to everyone who entered this year. We really look forward to being back to the normal, full blown SOFB next year!
Competition Results – Big round of applause to all the winners! Congratulations!
  • March Meeting – Stout Competition
    • 1st Place – Mike Reinitz
    • 2nd Place – Dave White
    • 3rd Place – Matt Pyle
  • May Chili Competition
    • 1st Place – Tom and Colleen Cannon
    • 2nd Place – Wendy Aaronson and Her Boy Toy (aka Bill)
    • 3rd Place – Mike Reinitz
  • May Best Beer with Chili Competition
    • 1st Place – Tom and Colleen Cannon
    • 2nd Place – Mike Reinitz (Fix! – I had to help Mike carry all his medals to the car!)
    • 3rd Place – Greg Leifer
Upcoming Events
  • June Meeting – We’re back at Jim Busch’s house this month, woohoo! This weekend, Saturday, June 18, 2022. Beer comp – SMASH beers (single malt single hop), popular vote – link for registration coming in my more detailed meeting email, to follow shortly after this one!
  • July Meeting – Oh baby, you don’t want to miss this one. Heat of the summer, but that’s okay because it’s a pool party at Clint Sandford’s house. If you came last year, you know this was a great meeting. Saturday, July 23, 2022. Beer comp will be Lawnmower Beers (keep em around 5% or under, you choose what style you want to brew), popular vote – link for registration coming soon.
  • Remaining BURP meeting calendar for 2022:
    • BURPout – It’s on again this year! Friday, July 1 to Sunday, July 3, 2022. Bill recently sent an email, so check that email for details, registration links, etc. or reach out to Bill Ridgely.
    • MashOUT 2022 – Also on again this year! August 18-21, 2022. I’ll provide details as they are made available.
    • August – No meeting scheduled yet, reach out to me if you want to host
    • September – Oktoberfest, Saturday, September 24, 2022 – Seneca Creek State Park – Beer comp will be Oktoberfest, popular vote
    • October – Working on details for another VA meeting. Stay tuned.
    • November – Real Ale Festival, Saturday, November 11, 2022 – AaronRidge Pub – BJCP Judged Comp
    • December – Holiday Party, no location set yet. Please reach out to me if you have ideas of where we can have the party. As in previous years, we’ll likely do this on a weeknight as most folks weekends are jam packed with other holiday parties (work, family, friends, religious, etc.)
  • Maryland Hombrew deliveries to monthly BURP meetings – What did you say?! You heard me. MDHB has offered to deliver orders to our monthly meetings. Please go check the email I sent a few months ago for details and reach out to Greg Leifer or myself with questions. Thank you Greg for the coordination efforts with MDHB on this!
  • Open month(s) with NO scheduled meetings – As you saw in the schedule above, we still have one month with no scheduled meeting – August. Do you want to host a meeting, or do you have a great idea for somewhere for BURP to host the meeting, pavilion, park, etc.? Maybe we all get together at a local brewery? Reach out to me and let’s chat!
  • BURP Dues – Are you in arrears on your BURP dues or do you know someone who is and not getting these emails? Log in to your account at and renew your membership.
    • P.S. You can also contact our Membeersip Minister, Mr. Andrew Fowler, or corner him at the next meeting (he loves that), and inquire about your status.
COVID Related Info
BURP will continue to follow CDC and local guidelines (MD, VA, MoCo, Fairfax Co, etc). Please be safe and cautious out there! Please note, any changes in local or state guidelines could affect any of our meetings at a moments notice.
Merch for Sale!
We have merch! Please reach out to Dave White via email if you’d like to buy anything. We’re also working on getting some new merch, BURP bottle openers, new “cups”, and other things. Stay tuned, likely a new survey coming around merch too.
That’s all for this month!
Take care, stay safe, and keep brewing!