BURP Monthly Competition Winners- February 2016- Light and Amber Hybrids

February’s competition held during the JamBEERee meeting is in the books. The competition was for categories 6 and 7 (Light and Amber Hybrids) from the 2008 BJCP Guidelines. Many thanks to Andy Anderson, Colleen Cannon, Mike Reinitz and Bill Ridgely for their hard work in judging the competition. There were eleven entries total with strong representation from BURP and the DC Home Brewers. The breakdown was as follows- from category 6: 2 cream ales, 1 American blonde, 1 kolsch, and 1 American wheat; from category 7: 3 northern German Altbiers, 2 California commons, and 1 Dusseldorf altbier. The judges had a hard time deciding the winners, but Bob Rouse representing BURP and the DC Home Brewers took first place with his “Steam McQueen” California common, while Erich Streckfuss and Sara Bondioli also representing both clubs took second place with their “Beer-flavored Beer” cream ale, and BURP’s own Greg Leifer took third with his “Im Fuchschen” Dusseldorf altbier. In addition to ribbons, all the winners took home gift cards graciously provided Derek Terrell from My Local HomeBrew Shop. For BURPers who entered the competition and didn’t pick up their score sheets but still want them, find Greg or Dave at next month’s meeting. If you’re interested in Bob’s award-winning Cali Common recipe, check it out below.

February Competition Winners
Brew: “Steam McQueen” California common
Brewer: Bob Rouse
Beer Profile 
Batch Size: 5 gal
OG: 1.053
FG: 1.013
ABV: 5.4%
Malt bill
7.0 lb Vienna
1.0 lb Dark Munich
8 oz Crystal 40L
4 oz Crystal 20L
4 oz Crystal 120L
4 oz Melanoidin
4 oz Victory
8 oz Flaked Wheat
0.5 oz N. Brewer (9.10%) FWH
0.5 oz N. Brewer (9.10%) 20 Min
1.0 oz N. Brewer (9.10%) 10 Min
0.5 oz N Brewer (9.10%) 0 Min
1.5 oz N. Brewer (Dry hop)
Wyeast W2112 California Lager Yeast (2L Starter)
Water treated to:
Ca: 121
Mg: 14
Na: 14
Cl: 79
SO4: 165

Mash in with 3.5 gals of water at 144°F degrees (mash temp 134F) – rest 20 mins

mash pH: 5.4 (adjust as necessary)
Pull 6 qts decoction – boil 10 mins
Add decoction back and adjust to 152°F – rest 1 hr (sugar rest)
Raise to 168°F
Mash out with ~6.5 gals of water at 175 °F (7 gal wort)
Boil 60 Min
Notes: 7 gals of wort on my system boils down to 5 gal into fermenter after 1 hr
Ferment at 62°F