BURP Monthly Competition Winners – May 2017 – Best Beer with Chili

On a cool and rainy day in May, ten beers were entered in the popular vote “Best Beer with Chili” competition.  The weather kept the crowds down a bit, so hitting all of the taps was a little easier than in some past years.   Despite the small voting turnout, first place was impressively decisive.  Mike Reinitz‘s “Czechmate”, a dark Czech lager, was several votes clear of the field.   The Heller Bock “I’m a Male Goat” by Andy Anderson and Kathy Koch was a solid second place choice.  Ed Bielaus‘s “Killer Kolsch” was a surprisingly flavorful Kolsch and a deserving winner.  It started the afternoon “keller” style and cloudy, but was pouring clear and pretty by the end.  And an honorable mention goes to the perennial powerhouse Dickheads, as their “Maicock Maibock” narrowly missed out on a ribbon.   Thanks to all who provided beers, and to those who took the time to vote.

The next couple of months will have “real” competitions –  actual BJCP styles and judges.  On BURPOUT Saturday (June 24) there will be a European Sours (BJCP category 23) competition.  July keeps it European in theme with a Belgian Ale competition spanning categories 24 and 25 (not including the category 26 Trappist Ales).  August will be competition free, and September will have the traditional popular vote competition for German beers at the Oktoberfest meeting.  And October brings another popular vote competition with the BURP “Pro-Am”.  In a attempt to bring some new brewers into the club, a BURP member and a novice brewer of their choosing will jointly brew a beer to share at October’s meeting.  No limitations on style, and kegs preferred.  So find a teammate and get brewing!