BURP Officer Meeting Minutes– 01/4/2018

DRAFT Meeting Minutes

Date: January 04, 2018

Meeting Type: Teleconference

Attendees: Wendy Aaronson, Keiron Greenhalgh, Sean McIlvain, Matt Pyle, Dan Rozman, Thomas Sords Dave White



    1. Welcome/Reviewing Roles of New Officers (D. White)-
      1. Dave White welcomed everyone and thanked them for another year of service. With the exception of Keiron (who served as the social media coordinator in the previous year), all of the officers were returning from the previous year, so no description of the roles/responsibilities was provided. However, Dave did give some thoughts the the group, including that he really liked the diversity of activities in 2017 for the club (e.g. special lectures, trips) and that he would like to see that continue in 2018. He also noted that an objective for the group to consider would be to not try to do too much during monthly meetings and focus on engagement on particular activities (e.g. having completions and educational events in the same meeting), since multiple activities tend to run concurrently.
    2. 2018 Meetings (All)
      1. A draft of tentative dates for the meetings for the year were shared with the officers prior to the meeting. Many of the locations/dates were tentatively decided upon. Dave noted that he would like to have official club meetings thru the summer instead of just focusing on club camping trips. To date, no tentative locations were suggested for June or July. Jim Busch had offered to host again in August. The only other month in question was December, but Dan Rozman said that they would be happy to have his mother host another gathering at her condo in Bethesda.
      2. Dave noted that he had been working with the other clubs involved in the annual Jam-beer-ee meeting and that the date had been settled upon- February 10 The meeting will be held at the Rhodeside Grille in Arlington, VA, since it’s Metro friendly. Matt Pyle noted that the competition for the meeting (typically sponsored by BURP) would be for ciders.


    3. Reports
        1. Culture

      Matt Pyle reported that the competition schedule will be slightly lighter this year, closing down between June and August. October and December competitions were locked down during the officers meetings, with the 2017 “Pro-am” to be relabeled as the “BURP-am”, and the Trappist ale idea recycled for December based on the good participation in 2017. The list of competitions for the year are as follows:

      • Jan – Big Beers
      • Feb – Ciders
      • March – Stout
      • May – Beer with chili
      • September – German beers
      • October – BURP-am
      • November – Real Ale
      • December – Trappist Ales
    4. Enlightenment Report

Wendy Aaronson noted that she preferred to do educational events at venues with proper tables (e.g. January’s joint meeting at the American Legion with the BADASSes and March’s meeting at the Truro neighborhood club house), but that she would try to schedule events during months where no competitions were being held if she could. For January, she planned for Jamie to present honey and mead, but Jamie has a commitment so she will come up with something and coordinate with BADASS. She is going to coordinate with Matt Peppe, Chuck Hughes, and Lon Holland to prepare single hop beers for an education session in March. Lon is purchasing 10 mini fermenters (1 gallon) for this. These fermenters can also be used for yeast profiling. She’ll coordinate with Jamie to reschedule the honey and mead tasting. Based on the schedule, this may not happen until June or July. She also discussed coordinating with competitions. It’s possible that we can use the summer months to discuss trappist beers since this is the most likely season that these beers are brewed.


    1. Membeersip Report

As of Jan 31 we have 131 primary membeers of these 53 are single membeers the other 78 are family membeers. BURP has a total currently paid membeersip of 209 people. There are currently 148 over do accounts. There have been issues with the website not notifying some mebeers that it is time to renew. Please log on,confirm your status and renew if necessary.


    1. Prosperity Report

Thomas Sords reported that the club is is well off financially, with sufficient funds for operations for the upcoming year, and cash reserves to cover any potential losses we take on to operate events. The current balance for the club’s account is $23,820.27. Thomas also noted that he plans to continue the quest to convert the club to a non-profit status.


    1. Propaganda

Keiron Greenhalgh reported the following:

1) He expected to push more cross-pollination between website content — including Fearless Leader missives — and social media in the coming year to drive website traffic/raise club profile.
2) That he would help plan club outings to Baltimore/Winchester areas, respectively.
3) That he would continue to work on DMV venues for meetings, most likely for summer meetings with the goal of having the venues public transit accessible to encourage participation.


  • New Business
      1. General Survey from 2017

    Dave stated that he had been working on summarizing and distributing the survey results from early 2017 but had been sidetracked on multiple occasions. He promised to share the results with the officers in February and to make every attempt to digest and distribute his assessment to the club.

          1. Brewer’s Ball

        Dave noted that he and Thomas had just been approached to participate in the Brewers Ball fundraiser for the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation on March 3rd on behalf of BURP for second year. It was noted that they brewed a mild for the event last year, and it was very well received. Dave said that they would be brewing something for the event soon.

                1. Trip Ideas

        Dave mentioned that he was very interested in doing smaller group trips to places in the area. He specifically suggested going to Baltimore and doing a brewery crawl. Dan noted that it was a good idea but that it would be necessary to have designated DDs for any such endeavor. Keiron suggested going to Winchester VA and the surrounding area for a trip during the summer. The group seemed to be in favor of both trips.

                1. Other business

        Dan Rozman raised the idea of rewarding the officers serving by waiving a year’s membership dues. The group concurred with the caveat that the membership dues would be waived the year AFTER service.