BURP Officer Meeting Minutes 10/20/2012

The fourth meeting of 2012 BURP Officers was held at 12:00 PM at the home of Howard & Emily Michelsen on Saturday, Oct 20, 2012. In attendance were:

Mel Thompson – Fearless Leader,  Justin Housenger – Culture, Steve Marler – Enlightenment, Robert Stevens – Enlightenment, Howard Michelsen – Mem-Beer-Sip, Matthew Pyle – Propaganda, Bill Ridgely – Propaganda, Mark Hogenmiller – Prosperity, Rich Sampson – Newsletter Editor

Not Present: Mike Reinitz – Culture

1 BURP Hop Buy

Mel reviewed the details of the club-subsidized hop purchase. A total of 52 lbs of fresh domestic whole hops were purchased to be distributed to members, with the club subsidizing approximately 50% of the purchase price. The entire purchase has now been reserved by club members, who will pay $3.00/half pound for the hops. All hops have arrived except for the CTZ, which will arrive after the October BURP meeting. This purchase was very well received by club members and benefits those in the club who truly are homebrewers.

2 November Charity

With Thanksgiving coming in November, the officers decided to support food-related charities at the November meeting. One half of raffle proceeds will go to two food charities – split evenly between the Manna Food Center in MD and a VA food bank to be determined. Rich is researching possible recipients for the VA portion of the contribution. There will also be a canned food collection at the meeting. In past years, this drive has been organized by the Rockville-area Boy Scouts, but Howard and Emily Michelsen will coordinate through the regional Boy Scout Council if the Rockville troop is not involved this year.

3 Spirit of Free Beer Update

Justin updated the officers on the status of the 2013 Spirit of Free Beer competition, which is now proposed for Sat, May 11, 2013. Justin and Mike have agreed to co-organize the competition once again, and they have begun the planning process with an organizational meeting held at Mad Fox Brewing on Oct 10. The biggest concern is a venue for the event. The organizers feel that the competition has outgrown the facilities at Mad Fox, and the planning committee is actively seeking an alternative location, with emphasis on a site where cold storage of entries and judging can be accomplished concurrently. Possible sites include 3 Stars Brewing (Takoma Park), Port City Brewing (Alexandria), Lost Rhino Brewing (Ashburn), and Whole Foods (Fairfax). Mad Fox remains a fallback venue if other locations do not pan out. It will be important to keep Bill & Beth Madden of Mad Fox in the loop about SOFB activities and planning due to their past support of the event.

4 Recognition of Club Members at the Holiday Meeting

Mel has requested that officers nominate outstanding members for recognition at the annual holiday banquet in Dec. The purpose is to reward those who have made significant contributions to the club’s success over the course of the year (Meeting hosts are recognized at the meetings themselves so will not be included at the Dec meeting). There is no set budget yet for purchasing beer to be handed out at the event. Bill suggested handing out bottles of the special BURP 30th anniversary barleywine. There are 50 gallons of this beer in storage at the home of A.J. deLange, but it has not yet been bottled. Final disposition will be determined over the next month.

5 Meeting Venues for January and February

Mel noted that the January meeting will be held at Meridian Pint in DC on Sat, Jan 12. The date and venue for February have not yet been set, but Mel has been in contact with Bud Hensgen about possibly holding the meeting at The Lab in Alexandria, but no final decision on this venue has been made.

6 Club Officer Nominations for 2013

Nominations for 2013 club officers will be made at the November BURP meeting. Mel asked which of the current officers planned to run again next year. Howard is the only officer definitely planning to continue in office. Those officers either undecided or planning to not continue next year were asked to help in finding their replacements. Mel would like to see some of the younger and newer members step up to help run the club. It was also noted that officers need to make some effort to meet and greet new members when they attend their first BURP meeting.

7 MASHOUT 2012 Wrapup

Bill noted that the 2012 MASHOUT was very successful from a financial standpoint as it was, for all intents and purposes, a break even event this year with a net loss of only $47. Some issues will need to be addressed next year, especially access to clean water for cooking and cleaning and maintaining tighter control over the registration process. The planning committee will begin to address these issues in the near future.

8 FSHCG Holiday Party

BURP has been asked once again to participate as a club in the annual Free State Homebrew Club Guild holiday party to be held the first Sat in Dec at Heavy Seas Brewing in Linthicum, MD. Paul & Jamie Langlie have volunteered to coordinate the club’s participation this year and will solicit member participation starting in November.

Meeting was adjourned at 1:00 PM.

Minutes Submitted 10/22/12 by Bill Ridgely, Secretary