BURP Officer Meeting Minutes 3-9-2013

The first meeting of 2013 BURP Officers was held at 12:00 PM at the Lake Vale Estates Community Clubhouse in Vienna, VA on Saturday, March 9, 2013. In attendance were:

Tom Cannon – Fearless Leader, Wendy Aaronson – Culture, Nick Griner – Culture, Joe Federico – Enlightenment, Steve Marler – Enlightenment, Robert Stevens – Enlightenment, Howard Michelsen – Mem-Beer-Sip, Matthew Pyle – Propaganda
Bill Ridgely – Propaganda,  Bob Sholtes – Prosperity, Rich Sampson – Newsletter Editor, Colleen Cannon – Charitable Contributions Co-Coordinator, Mike Reinitz – Spirit of Free Beer Coordinator

Not Present – Royden Henry – Culture

1 BURP Charity Committee

Colleen Cannon and Mel Thompson have volunteered to serve as the selection committee for BURP’s charitable contributions. Colleen attended the officer meeting and provided an update on this effort. BURP contributes ½ of raffle proceeds from larger, more well attended meetings to charities, especially those with local impact and those recommended by BURP members. The January charity, recommended by Joe Federico, was Angel Flight, which arranges free air transportation for any legitimate, charitable, medically related need. The March charity was Doorways for Women and Families, for homeless families and victims of domestic abuse. In some cases, charities are tied to certain events. For example, May is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, so the May contribution will support the Avon Foundation, which funds breast cancer research grants to local universities, and diagnostic services for underserved women in the local area.. The June contribution will go to the Ulman Cancer Fund for Young Adults in honor of Bill Moe, a BURP member who died of cancer and now has a Spirit of Free Beer competition prize awarded in his honor at the June prize ceremony.  The November charity will be for the Prostate Cancer cause, in support of the “Mo-vember” movement for awareness of men’s cancers. Colleen and Mel will solicit recommendations from club members for charities to support for the remainder of this year.

2 AHA Conference Planning

Steve Marler is coordinating BURP’s participation in this year’s National Homebrewer Conference, sponsored by the AHA and scheduled for Jun 27-29. BURP will participate in Club Night and will also sponsor a shift in the Hospitality Suite. The club’s theme for Club Night is still being developed but will focus on lower alcohol session beers as its main theme. Steve is working to obtain some experimental hop strains to be used to brew beers for the event. He anticipates we will need 9 kegs for Club Night and most likely an equal number for the Hospitality Suite. A Google Doc is being used to solicit volunteers and brewers for both events. The club will need to coordinate transportation of beer and equipment to the conference site and also arrange for safe storage of equipment during the event. There are currently 49 people on a club e-mail discussion list (aha2013@burp.org) that will help facilitate communications with club members attending the conference.

3 2013 Plans and Events

Tom reported that meeting locations and hosts have been set for the remainder of this calendar year. The date for this year’s MASHOUT event is set for Aug 16-18, and planning will begin shortly. SOFB Coordinator Mike Reinitz reported that planning for this year’s competition, scheduled for May 10-11, is ongoing and on track. The competition website is set up and will open for registration of judges, stewards, and entrants on April 1. Port City Brewing Co has agreed to serve as temporary storage for all entries again this year, but transport of entries to the various judging sites will be logistically challenging as in past years. The site for Friday judging may need to be changed this year due to a possible conflict at last year’s site in Annandale. Mike is looking into alternative sites, including the possibility of using the location of the March meeting at a community center in Vienna.

4 BURP Website and Database Upgrade

Howard is requesting a major upgrade of the BURP website and membership database in order to simplify membership tasks for both the Mem-Beer-Sip Minister and the members themselves. Currently, there are two separate and disparate databases of club members – one located on the club website (http://brew .burp.org) and a Microsoft Access database maintained separately. Howard is proposing that the club should upgrade the website to create a single database accessible to and updatable by club members. Recommendations for functionality to be included in this upgrade are attached to these minutes. The officers agreed that this upgrade should be pursued. Howard and Robert Stevens will work with web provider Stein Langlie on a plan for the work, which will include a request for funding if necessary. The club will also, as part of this effort, begin the search for a new web provider that will offer expanded services at reasonable cost to the club. There is no timeframe currently in place for this effort. Further discussion will ensue at the next officer meeting.

5 Officer’s Reports

  • Fearless Leader: Tom suggested the club consider brewing a collaboration beer with a local commercial brewery similar to the anniversary beer recently brewed by the Herndon Wort Hogs club at Lost Rhino Brewing Co. Tom felt a session-strength beer would be a good fit for the BURP Club. The officers agreed that this was worth pursuing. Tom will look into it further and report back at the next meeting.
  • Culture: Nick and Wendy have set the monthly competition schedule for the remainder of the year. Remaining tasks are selecting a commercial beer for the October clone competition (which should be a beer available for purchase by all club members) and ordering ribbons for all remaining club competitions.
  • Enlightenment: Robert & Steve are engaged in planning educational sessions for the remainder of the calendar year. Robert would like to invite the brewer of the beer selected for the clone competition to the April meeting to discuss the beer with club members. He will work with Wendy and Nick on selection of the clone. Robert also proposed a club bicycle ride to local DC craft breweries and will work on a schedule and itinerary for this event, which is proposed for a weekend in early Spring. Steve has engaged Mitch Steele, the head brewer at Stone Brewing in Escondido, CA and author of the Brewers Publications book on IPA, to present a class on IPA to be held Mon, Mar 25 at the Old Dominion Brewhouse in DC. There will be a limit of 200 attendees for this event, and BURP members will get first priority for tickets, which will be free. Steve has set up a special website for ordering event tickets. Steve also requested that the club provide a gift for the speaker and also purchase a box of books to be sold at the event. This purchase was approved by the officers. Joe provided an update on the annual half-price Brew Your Own subscription offer for club members, which he will coordinate. The club will need to obtain at least 10 subscriptions by early June. Joe will begin soliciting subscriptions beginning at the April meeting.
  • Propaganda: Bill noted that the club liability insurance policy is due for renewal by April 9. He has obtained a quote for the renewal ($341). The purchase was approved by the officers, and Bill will forward the invoice to Bob for payment. Matt has been working with Mike on the SOFB webpages and will work with Bob King on listing competition sponsors as they are brought onboard.
  • Prosperity (Treasurer): Bob reported that the club treasury stands at $25K. This will provide appropriate seed money if the club decides to host another major conference such as the Spirit of Belgium.

Meeting was adjourned at 1:00 PM.

Minutes Submitted 3/20/13 by Bill Ridgely, Secretary

Attachment 1 – Proposal for BURP Website Functionality Upgrade 

  • Only need a few “queries”. These could be written in as a procedure within the website instead of relying on a duplicative relational DB (MS Access).
  1. Expiring members
  2. All members-combined primary and co-members
  3. Issue cards
  4. BURPlist
  5. All members list
  6. Primary members by Zip code
  7. Monthly summary of # of active members, # of new members and # of delinquent members, etc.
  • Would love to capture Dues Paid emails from members within website (Paypal), and parse for name, address, type of membership (new/renewing), year paid, and email.
  • Members need to be responsible for updating their contact info on the website, instead of complaining to MemBeerShip minister (me for now) because they haven’t been receiving newsletter, meanwhile they changed their email address!
  • Any data management system must be straight forward enough that it can be operated by BURP officers or members
  • I still think it is worthwhile to populate the Calendar with the address and directions to each meeting that we know of, available only to BURP members.