BURP Officer’s Meeting – 1/9/2016

BURP Officer Meeting – 01/09/2016

The first meeting of 2016 BURP Officers was held at 10:30 AM at the Wheaton American Legion Post on Saturday, Jan 9, 2016. In attendance were:

Emily Michelsen – Fearless Leader, Greg Leifer – Culture, Dave White – Culture, Mike Reinitz – Enlightenment, Dan Rozman – Mem-Beer-Sip, Robert Stevens – Propaganda, Thomas Sords – Prosperity, Jeanie Osburn – BURP NHC Club Night Coordinator
Not attending – Wendy Aaronson – Enlightenment; Andrea Albersheim – Propaganda; Bill Ridgely – Propaganda

1 Welcome (Emily)

Emily welcomed everyone to a new year of BURPing, including the two new board members, Dave and Greg.

2 2016 Meeting Schedule (Emily)

  • The next meeting will be on February 6 and will be a combined meeting with the DC Homebrewers, GRiST, Local 19382, and Wort Hogs. However, there still isn’t an official location for the meeting.  The person who used to make the arrangements at Rock Bottom isn’t an officer in his club anymore and is unwilling to make the arrangements.  Sam Wineka said he would try to make arrangements at Rock Bottom but that if BURP has connections there they should make the arrangements. Folks mentioned that Rock Bottom isn’t ideal because it’s a small room and noisy. Jeanie Osburn has an Elks Lodge near her, which rents for $265, and it’s close to Metro (10 min walk).  There was concern that folks from the other clubs would complain that they can’t buy food. Steve Marler is going to talk to the new Westover Beer Garden folks in Clarendon.  He will get back to Emily by Tuesday.
  • The Annual Stout Competition will be on March 19 – the meeting will be hosted by Pat and Janet Crowe at their community’s “club house”
  • SoFB will be held at Old Line on April 8-9. Entry check-in will be Saturday, April 2 (also at Old Line), and we’ll be able to leave the leftovers in the walk-in again untilSaturday, April 16. Bill will register the competition with the BJCP.
  • Spirit of Free Beer leftovers will be served on April 16 at Dan and Lisa Rozman’s home.
  • May 7 is the Big Brew.
  • BURP’s annual chili cook-off at Dan Allers and Christina Wren’s home on Sunday, May 15.
  • The Free State Homebrew Guild picnic is May 28.
  • National Homebrewers Association Conference in Baltimore is June 9-12.
  • BURPOut is tentatively slated for June 24-26on Popenoe Mountain.  Bill is waiting to hear from Pops to confirm.
  • A Swim party at Bruce Bennet’s home is set for July 23.
  • MASHOUT is tentatively set for August 18-21 at Organarchy Farm.
  • Oktoberfest will be held on September 24 at Seneca Creek. Bill is trying to get the Nuthatch pavilion if possible, since everyone seemed to like the location.  Ahead of the meeting Bill mentioned that the Guild Crab Feast is likely that weekend.
  • There is no date set for October’s meeting but Joe Federico has volunteered to host.
  • Real Ale “festival” will be held November 12 at Bill and Wendy’s with the competition held the evening of November 11.
  • The Free State Homebrew Guild Party will be on December 3 and likely held at Heavy Seas.
  • The date and location for the BURP holiday party are yet to be determined. Steve Marler is checking on accommodation at the Lyon Park in Clarendon.  The idea of possibly having the meeting at the Elks in DC was also raised, but there was concern regarding the parking.  With the holidays, there doesn’t seem to be a consensus for the day (weeknight vs. weekend).  Robert and Dan suggested doing a questionnaire.

Action Item: Dan and Robert to put a questionnaire forward to membership regarding a holiday party.

3 2016 Monthly Club Homebrew Competition Schedule (Dave & Greg)

  • Dave and Greg have set the competition calendar for the year with the exception of MASHOUT weekend. Dave mentioned that Eric Cohen from one of the other clubs asked whether BURP would be doing more than the beer competition at February’s meeting.  He told the Eric that BURP would only be running the beer competition and that if another club was interested in holding an additional competition that it was fine with BURP.
  • Greg and Dave will be responsible for adding materials to the website (after being given instruction on how to do so) once it’s live, and Dave mentioned that they will try to establish a calendar for region competitions to encourage member participation.
  • Culture is also interested in tying education events with competitions (e.g. Alternative IPAs and cookies and beer competitions set for beginning of 2017)
  • The next competition (Light & Amber Hybrids) will be the last using the 2008 guidelines. For the McCoubrey Stout Competition in March, Culture will be switching to the 2015 BJCP guidelines.  There was talk of opening the 2017 March competition to all Irish beers (cat. 15 of the 2015 BJCP), but there was reticence on the part of the group because it could affect the status of the McCoubrey Stout Competition.

4 Education at Meetings (Mike)

  • Mike said that he didn’t have much to present for today’s meeting other than discussion of the new BJCP styles and how they map out from the 2008 Guidelines.
  • Wendy and Mike haven’t discussed/planned the education events for the year due to travel and the holidays.
  • Two topics that that are likely to be covered by Enlightenment, include dry hopping and yeast washing (as suggested by Jeanie Osburn).
  • Depending on the setting for February’s meeting, Enlightenment will likely just do a Brewer’s Corner.

5 Mem-Beer-Sip Update (Dan)

  • Dan said he didn’t have much to report. He told the group that as of mid-late December approximately 30 members had renewed using the existing website.
  • BURP has members in 9 states, 90 memberships in Maryland same in VA, 13 in DC.
  • We have 347 paid members (more or less), including singles and families. Total membership is approximately 380 including honoraries.  Robert stated that the new database is paid on number of memberships and suggested that we move the honoraries to a different database.  According to his numbers, the current database is 227 entries, including three or four honoraries (the Mad Fox folks, Christian Layke at Gordon Biersch, and possibly, Geoff Lively).  If we reach 300 entries, we pay the next level.  Based on the current numbers, we’re pretty good for a couple of years.
  • Robert suggested we possibly expand honoraries to sponsors. The board agreed.

6 Treasury Report (Thomas)

  • For the annual report, we operated at a loss for last year (approx. $4000), with rollover receipts/hold over costs, several large one-time expenses (e.g. website-related), and a significant insurance pricing increase ($400 increase) contributing to the loss. Additionally, all events operated at a loss, including Richmond trip ($2K), and the raffle costs went up.
  • Thomas preached that we need to watch what we’re charging for things, so that the club doesn’t take a loss and that we should have a goal of breaking even this year.
  • We have $22K in the bank with $18K in Paypal, we have 4K in bank account.
  • The new website will use Stripe, which will push money into the Paypal account.
  • Thomas reported that the club gave $190 in refunds and $300 in fees to Paypal. Dan Rozman proposed policy to refund up to a given drop dead date.
  • Spreadsheet/reports will be harmonized in format by Thomas this year to facilitate ease of translating between the two.

7 Registering BURP as a 501(c)(7) (Thomas)

  • Based on the current financial status of the club, Paypal and Stripe required social security numbers of members to establish the respective accounts, which poses a potential financial liability for those involved.
  • Thomas told the board that no minimum sale required for tax filings, and he’s concerned that PayPal (or Stripe?) may submit a filing to the IRS.
  • Thomas is going to talk to Bob Rouse who helped register the DC homebrewers as a nonprofit.
  • If we register the club as a corporation, we’ll be paying on gross receipts. We have minimal operating costs but can’t write them all off. Additionally, half of our income is likely taxable, and we’ll need a professional to file our taxes.
  • Greg suggested that Thomas consult the AHA, which may have guidance on this. Dan also stated that the Richmond home brew club is registered 501 C and may have advice.
  • We can leverage the non-profit status (e.g. Google email accounts become free).

8 Website Redevelopment Report (Robert)

  • There has been nothing done with emails, and Robert has no recommendations at this point, but the website will be up and running soon. He suggested that we leave the email accounts and domain where they are right now- despite problems with the host and maintenance costs of approximately $14 per month.
  • Thomas has been paying to maintain our various accounts but has not been reimbursed, since he is also the Minister of Prosperity, and he didn’t think it would look right if he were to cut a check for himself. Dave recommended that he have another board member on the account sign the check. Robert motioned to reimburse Thomas for his expenditures.  The board approved unanimously.
  • The website has involved a lot of work. Andrea, Joel, Thomas and James have done a tremendous amount to get the site up and running.  We have around 200 newsletters and 100 posts there.  The group is still working on the navigation of the site, which will be an ongoing issue.  Thomas reported that Stripe and MemberFindMe are in test mode, and we won’t know if site is working properly with bank accounts until real transactions start happening.
  • Thomas is still testing and finishing things up. He is also validating User Interface that drive folks to membership-related functions. Robert, Andrea, and Joel need to go back through the website for a few more days and then start opening it up. They will likely have the officers register first and give feedback on the site.  Regardless once the site is up and running, things will be chaotic as the team tackles bugs/fixes accounts.
  • Stripe was chosen as one of our paying services because Paypal was charging $50/month to maintain an account and additional fees per transaction, and Stripe doesn’t have a monthly fee.
  • Thomas nominated Dan to have access to Stripe since he is the Minister of Membeersip. As an aside, Dan mentioned that he runs stuff through Paypal when folks pay in cash, and Thomas isn’t around.
  • Dan recommended that we go through renewal time (January 31) to get everyone paid up, and he will give the whole membership file to Robert to upload into the new database. Everyone decided the new site will go live on February 7.  At that time folks will register or update their accounts.  We will be telling the club that we will be transitioning to new site between February 6 and 7.

9 New (Old) Minister of History (Emily)

  • Bill asked to bring back the Minister of History and to not have it under the Minister of Propaganda.
  • If the new position is a voting position, we’ll need to change the bylaws and establish duties, and revise the description of the Minister of Propaganda’s responsibilities/duties. Everyone in principle agreed to create the new position.
  • Everyone decided that “Minister of History” is a really lame title that needs to be changed at a later date and that Bill doesn’t get a vote.
  • Someone mentioned that if we go with Google for our accounts that, it has storage (e.g. Google drive), which we can use for archival purposes.

Action Item: Emily will write the language for the changes of the bylaws for the new history officer and for the changes in responsibilities for the Minister of Propaganda.

10 Philadelphia Bus Pub Crawl (Dan)

  • Jamie was organizing the trip but has said she can’t do it any longer. Dan is on the trip planning committee but had no idea of the status of the trip was. The Board felt it was too late to try and have a bus trip in early March as originally planned and would consider still having it this year if someone could be found to spearhead the planning/organizing. Mike proposed that a questionnaire be put forward to the membership to gauge interest in the trip and to solicit alternate dates.

11 AHA Conference Club Night Report (Jeanie)

  • Jeanie reported to the board on the first planning meeting for the booth at AHA. They looked at costs and pros/cons for a bar.  A possible full bar design (and even a half bar design) were considered, but the planning committee thought the cost was too high (>$2,000) and that there would be logistical issues in storing/maintaining it (e.g. before, during, after the meeting).  They are going with an easier option using PVC framing.  Greg Leifer is designing something. Bill suggested adding a pin rack behind the bar, but it would require special attention in terms of handling and setup, and Jeanie isn’t sure if it’s feasible but is looking into it with the AHA folks.  The Plan (A) is sexy pins, Plan (B), 3 jockey boxes with PVC bar around it.
  • Steve Marler suggested 35 years of BURPing at the theme and the group seemed to like the idea. Jeanie proposed having a e-picture frames cycling through photos to give an idea of diversity of club.
  • There is no budget for the event as of yet, but she will provide something to the board in the coming weeks for its approval. They have a tentatively schedules bar to be finished by April 30 with the idea of doing a test run at May’s chili cook off.
  • The next meeting is slated for January 26, 7-9 PM at Gordon Biersch Navy Yard

12 Other Ideas and Concerns (All)

  • Clothing – Before the meeting, Bill reported that he looked into getting a new batch of BURP Cycling Jerseys. VOmax has offered to produce another batch for the same cost to BURP ($43 per jersey).   Bill thinks it would be good to get a bunch of them to sell at the AHA conference at $50 each.  The company requires 4 weeks lead time on the order so plenty of time to work out details. He also suggested that we take pre-orders from BURP members and sell them (to members only) at cost.  Thomas thought that either bowling shirts or work shirts might be a better idea.  Regardless the group felt that having clothing items available to members on an ongoing basis was important.  Café Press and other companies do on demand printing but cost a bit more.  Dan said will talk to Bill Cavender about stuff he made for the meadery.  Thomas also knows silk screener that he will talk to. He suggested that we also try to sell through the new site.
  • Wendy is going to put together a member-driven cookbook to sell at AHA with beer and food recipes. The prices need to be cheap enough for people to want to buy it at the conference. Whatever we do at the meeting, we need to generate income or at least break even.

Meeting was adjourned at 11:50 AM.

Minutes Submitted 01/17/16 by Dave White, Co-Culture Minister