BURP Officer’s Meeting – 3/19/2016

BURP Officer Meeting – 03/19/2016

The second meeting of 2016 BURP Officers was held at 11:00 AM at the Truro Homeowners Assn Clubhouse in Annandale, VA on Saturday, Mar 19, 2016. In attendance were:

Wendy Aaronson – Enlightenment
Emily Michelsen – Fearless Leader
Greg Leifer – Culture
Mike Reinitz – Enlightenment
Dan Rozman – Mem-Beer-Sip
Bill Ridgely – Propaganda
Robert Stevens – Propaganda

Not attending – Dave White – Culture; Andrea Albersheim – Propaganda; Thomas Sords – Prosperity

1 2016 Meeting Schedule (Emily)

  • The next meeting will be on April 16 and feature the awards ceremony for the Spirit of Free Beer homebrew competition (and consumption of leftover entries). Bill will work with Tom & Colleen Cannon to retrieve all of the leftover beers from Old Line Bistro in Beltsville and set them up in the Rozman back yard in Rockville.
  • The meeting schedule for the remainder of the year is now set except for the Holiday Banquet in December. Dan has offered his mother’s community center in Rockville, but there is some question whether our group’s event would qualify as an “organization meeting”. Alternative locations include the Lyon Park Community Center in Arlington, which will be available again this year following renovations. Some club members consider this venue too small, however. Final resolution on the venue is still to be determined.

2 Membership Update (Dan)

  • The membership database on the new website appears to be working well. BURP now has 233 primary members, 107 secondary (family) members, and a small number of honorary/emeritus members.
  • A remaining issue is how to deal with members who do not renew memberships. A certain grace period will apply, but members will need to be deleted at some point.
  • Procedures for updating the club e-mail lists (in particular allmembers@burp.org and burplist@burp.org) were discussed. At present, this is done manually. All current members should be included on the allmembers list, and those who do not renew need to be manually deleted. There is a check-off on the member record in MemberFindMe for voluntary participation on the Burplist. Robert, Dan, and Bill will work to tighten procedures for synchronizing the membership database with the appropriate e-mail lists.

3 Enlightenment Update (Wendy)

  • Wendy and Mike will work with the Cannons to do an educational comparative tasting of leftover SOFB beers at the April (Spirit of Free Beer leftovers). Emphasis will be on how to select the appropriate style category for an entry using the new 2015 BJCP style guidelines (which now include 34 different beer categories).
  • The organizers of the Virginia Brewfests (who are longtime SOFB sponsors) have also requested BURP participate in the festivals (held in the Spring and Fall) by providing an educational booth. BURP volunteers could demonstrate how to homebrew or perhaps discuss brewing ingredients. This could provide good exposure for the club. Wendy and Mike will solicit volunteers to man the BURP booth during these events.

4 Website Update (Robert)

  • There have been some issues caused by the necessity to secure the new website using HTTPS protocols, including not being able to run an outside website, like the SOFB registration site, in a frame on the BURP website. HTTPS does not work with the Android O/S on handheld devices, causing problems for those who wish to access the site from a smartphone or tablet running Android. Robert is investigating solutions for this issue.
  • The MemberFindMe database is clean and now running smoothly, allowing BURP members to accomplish all of their membership functions (including membership renewal) utilizing their own logins.
  • MemberFindMe provides an application for creating and printing BURP nametags. A discussion was held on the types of information to be included on these nametags. Possible info could include member expiration date, “member since” date (or date member joined the club), and BJCP judge ranking. Each bit of data added to the card reduces the size of the font used, so it was determined to keep the data as minimal as possible.
  • Continuing reliability problems with the host of the club’s e-mail services (Arvixe) brought a discussion of alternative e-mail services, including Google Groups. Bill mentioned the Constant Contact service he had used successfully for MASHOUT communications several years ago. Robert and his team will look at various options and recommend what they feel is the best and most economical solution.
  • Wendy recommended using the website calendar for announcing member brew days, so club members could join a brewing session as an educational experience.

5 Spirit of Free Beer Update (Bill)

  • The entry numbers for this year’s competition are considerably down from last year, and with 2 weeks remaining in the registration period, it is looking like the final totals will be much lower than last year’s 500. Of particular concern is BURP member participation, which is very low.
  • Bill has reached out via e-mail to both BURP members and all homebrew clubs in the mid-Atlantic region soliciting entries. Response from non-BURP brewers has been good. Entries are coming in from all parts of the region.
  • Because of the revenue shortfall if numbers remain low, we may need to adjust our commitments with Old Line Bistro in Beltsville (the competition venue). This could include possibly cancelling the Friday (Apr 8) judging sessions and holding the entire competition on Saturday (Apr 9). Bill will contact Old Line and discuss these possible changes with them.
  • Judge and steward signups are also lower than last year, and a number of judges and stewards have signed up for Friday only. If Friday judging is eliminated, these volunteers will need to be approached about possibly being able to help out on Saturday instead. The competition judge and steward coordinators will also continue to solicit additional volunteers.
  • Prize solicitation is ongoing with close to 50 sponsors so far. Prize Coordinator Pam Leifer is doing a great job soliciting prizes.

6 BURP Merchandise and Preparation for the AHA Conference (Greg)

  • There was discussion of obtaining new BURP merchandise prior to the AHA Conference in June. Bill is working on a new order for BURP cycling jerseys. Greg suggested the club purchase some new button-down, bowling-style shirts which would incorporate the updated club logo. Mike indicated his girlfriend Mindy would be willing to help out with this, and the group agreed to proceed with that effort.
  • Greg presented his design for the new bar he is building for the BURP club booth at the AHA Conference “club night”. The bar will be modular and can be used for other BURP events like beer festivals, BURPout, and MASHout. He requested funding in the amount of $250 to purchase materials for and build this bar. The officers approved this expenditure.

Meeting was adjourned at 1:00 PM.
Minutes Submitted 03/24/16 by Bill Ridgely, Secretary