BURP Officers meeting-9/26/2015

The fourth meeting of 2015 BURP Officers was held at 11:30 AM at Seneca Creek State Park on Saturday, Sep 26, 2015.

In attendance were: Emily Michelsen – Fearless Leader Bob Rouse – Culture Wendy Aaronson – Enlightenment Mike Reinitz – Enlightenment Bill Ridgely – Propaganda Rich Sampson – Propaganda/Newsletter Editor Robert Stevens – Propaganda Not attending – Dan Rozman – Mem-Beer-Sip; Thomas Sords – Prosperity

1 BURP Website Upgrade The meeting was called to make a final decision on the BURP website upgrade proposed by Propaganda Minister Robert Stevens. Two proposals were set forth by Robert at the May officer meeting. The first proposal (from developer Beth Scillaci) utilized industry-standard WordPress as the development tool. The second utilized Wild Apricot, an all-inclusive development environment that uses WordPress modules to create complete websites and then host and maintain them for customers (These proposals were included as addenda to the minutes of the 5/9/15 officer meeting).

The WordPress proposal offered two development options. For a base fee of $2,500, the developer would set up the basic form and structure of the site, incorporate the MemberFindMe database application, create a single administrator account, and test the new site. Additional support would then be provided at a discounted rate of $85/hour. For $4,000, the developer would create multiple administrator accounts, create pages, upload the membership file into the new database, and test the new site. The full proposal describing both of these options is attached to these minutes as Addenda 1. In addition to the developer fee, there would be a $40.00 monthly fee paid to MemberFindMe for use of the database application (up to 300 accounts) and for hosting and maintenance of the website. A second WordPress proposal from the developer Advantage Point would have provided a fully customized website for $4,500. However, the developer insisted on maintaining complete ownership and control of the website as well as the development source code. It was determined that this relationship was not in the best interest of the club, so this proposal was removed from further consideration.

The Wild Apricot proposal was for $2,500 for development and a $70 monthly charge for hosting. It also utilized a robust membership database module that would have satisfied the BURP requirements.

After careful consideration of both proposals, the officers determined that the WordPress proposal offered the best value for the club to meet its internet needs for at least the next five years. Robert felt that the $2,500 option would provide the club with sufficient initial functionality and that the club should then be able to create its own accounts and build its own pages with additional developer support as required. He recommended that the club make available additional funding for these support services as needed during the development process.

The following two motions were placed before the officers at the conclusion of the discussion:

* The club will hire developer Beth Scillaci (VillageWorks) to develop the new BURP website using the WordPress environment and the MemberFindMe database application. Funding will be approved at the $2,500 level but with additional support made available as needed at a total cost (development and support) not to exceed $4,000.

* The club will pay a fee of $40/month for use of the MemberFindMe application and for hosting and maintenance of the website. Status – Both motions were approved.

2 Participation in BURP Meetings and Events by Other Homebrew Clubs Robert asked the officers to consider allowing members of other regional homebrew clubs to attend BURP meetings and participate in BURP’s monthly homebrew competitions. The BADASS Homebrew Club (based in Silver Spring) was particularly interested in this proposal. The officers determined that there should be no issue with other clubs participating in BURP meetings and monthly competitions but that non-BURP members would be approached during the meetings and asked to consider joining BURP. The $20 annual BURP membership fee was considered a small price to pay for continued participation in BURP events.

3 MASHOUT Wrap-up Bill noted briefly that MASHOUT 2015 effectively broke even on costs. There was an overall loss of about $200, negligible for an event with an approximately $10,000 budget.

Meeting was adjourned at 12:15 PM.

Minutes Submitted 10/01/15 by Bill Ridgely, Secretary

Attachments: View this PDF for attachments Officer Meeting 09-26-15

Addenda 1 – VillageWorks (Beth Scillaci) Website Redesign Proposal

Addenda 2 – Officer Questions and Answers Regarding the Proposal

Addenda 3 –Website Redevelopment Next Steps