BURP Officers Meeting minutes 3-8-2014

The first meeting of 2014 BURP Officers was held at 12:15 PM at the Lake Vale Estates Community Clubhouse in Vienna, VA on Saturday, March 8, 2014. In attendance were:

Tom Cannon – Fearless Leader, Wendy Aaronson – Culture, Nick Griner – Culture, Mike Reinitz – Enlightenment, Dan Rozman – Mem-Beer-Sip, Howard Michelsen – Propaganda, Bill Ridgely – Propaganda, Rich Sampson – Newsletter Editor

Not Present – Thomas Sords – Enlightenment; Bob Sholtes – Prosperity

1 Spirit of Free Beer

Planning for this year’s competition is on track. The competition has been registered with the BJCP and with MCAB. The competition website has been set up, and registration of judges and stewards is ongoing. Registration of participants and entries will begin on Tues, April 1. The drop-off and mail-in points have been set up and are ready to receive entries during the entry window of Thur, Apr 24 through Thur, May 8. Wendy and Bill are the competition organizers, Bob Andres is registrar, Mike is judge coordinator, and Elizabeth Hartmann is coordinating stewards. Nick and Robert Stevens will coordinate prizes (and will bring in other BURP members to help as required). Mike will take responsibility for adding sponsors to the competition website. Wendy set up a meeting of all SOFB volunteers to be held at Mad Fox Brewing. Jobs that remain to be done are securing Port City Brewing Co as pre-competition storage site for entries and securing the Truro Community Center Clubhouse for Friday night judging.

Update – Meeting was held on Thurs, Mar 20. Mark Raker has assumed the role of assistant steward coordinator. Robert is sending out prize solicitations this week. Mad Fox has been secured for the judging site and has provided a proposed menu and budget. Wendy and Bill will keep officers informed of status as the competition approaches.

2 Meeting Locations and Other Activities

The meeting dates and sites for the remainder of 2014 have now been secured except for the holiday banquet in Dec. The BURP calendar on the website has been updated with all meeting info and the competition schedule for the remainder of the year (and into the first several months of 2015).Tom asked about the possibility of organizing another club pub crawl, especially considering all of the new breweries in the DC area. Rich agreed to begin work on an agenda for a DC area pub crawl.

3 MASHOUT Planning

Bill provided an update on planning for the 2014 MASHOUT, which will be held at the Organarchy Hop Farm in Oldtown, MD on Aug 14-17 (pending signoff of the contract with the farm owner). BURP’s Kathy Koch examined the proposed wording of the contract (which is between the farm owner and the BURP Club as corporate entity) and recommended some changes in the liability section. (Proposed contract is included as an attachment). Organizer Joel Gallihue is updating the contract language. Bill will keep BURP officers informed of further developments. The MASHOUT organizing committee (of which Bill, Wendy, and Howard & Emily Michelsen are members) has agreed to offer the farm owner a sum of $5,000 to secure use of the property for the 4-day event. This cost will be assumed by all who register for the event (a $25 surcharge for each registration). We are expecting about 250 registrations for this year. BURP has agreed to release the net profit from last year’s event ($575) as seed funding for this year’s event. Since BURP will be budgeting the event, this will simply be represented in the final balance sheet (no actual funds will exchange hands).

4 Charitable Giving

Mel Thompson has agreed to be coordinator of the club’s charitable effort for the remainder of the year. Mel will recommend a charity each month that will receive 50% of the raffle proceeds. He has recommended the Scripps Research Institute (http://www.scripps.edu/), which does high value medical research, as the April charity.

5 Officer’s Reports

  • Fearless Leader: Tom requested that club officers put some effort into making certain club events, in particular the Oktoberfest event in September, more attractive by bringing in enthusiastic and energetic younger members and putting more effort into making these “must attend” functions. Tom also reminded everyone that it’s never too early to start thinking of candidates for next year’s officer positions.
  • Culture: Nick and Wendy are making an effort to secure judges for each month’s club competition by utilizing a mix of experienced BJCP judges and novices who have an interest in judging. This is working out well so far, but finding sufficient judges each month is challenging. Wendy has placed the order with Plaque Shaque for prize ribbons for the remainder of this year and the first several months of 2015.
  • Enlightenment: Mike and Thomas are planning some educational events to tie in with the upcoming monthly competitions, including the SMaSH (single malt & single hop) competition in October and the beer and chocolate pairing early in 2015. They are also providing some educational material in each month’s enlightenment column in the newsletter.
  • Mem-Beer-Sip: Dan reported that 12 single, 3 family, and 1 honorary membership have been added so far this year. There are 96 members from 2013 that have not yet renewed for 2014. Some effort will be made to not lose these members (who hopefully have simply not gotten around to renewing). The club currently has 264 paid members and 27 honorary members (mostly professional brewers).
  • Propaganda: Bill noted that the club liability insurance policy is due for renewal by April 9. He has obtained a quote for the renewal ($351) and has forwarded the invoice to Bob for payment. Bill is also keeping the BURP website updated, especially upcoming meeting info and competition info. The Spirit of Free Beer page on the BURP website will serve simply as a pointer this year to the BCOE competition site (http://sofb.brewcomp.com/) because it requires too much effort to maintain SOFB info (especially sponsors and competition results) on two separate sites.
  • Prosperity (Treasurer): Bob was unable to attend but provided an updated financial report which is included as an attachment.


Meeting was adjourned at 1:00 PM.

Minutes Submitted 3/21/14 by Bill Ridgely, Secretary