BURP Officers Meeting minutes 9-27-2014

The second meeting of 2014 BURP Officers was held at 11:00 PM at Seneca Creek State Park in Gaithersburg, MD on Saturday, Sep 27, 2014. In attendance were:

Tom Cannon – Fearless Leader, Wendy Aaronson – Culture, Mike Reinitz – Enlightenment, Dan Rozman – Mem-Beer-Sip, Howard Michelsen – Propaganda, Bill Ridgely – Propaganda, Rich Sampson – Newsletter Editor, Bob Sholtes – Prosperity, Thomas Sords – Enlightenment

1 MASHOUT Wrapup

Bill reported that the 2014 MASHOUT event was a success financially. The final balance sheet showed a net profit of $804, which will be applied to next year’s event if needed.

2 Status of Work on New BURP Website

Howard reported that the framework of a new BURP website developed on the Wild Apricot platform (http://www.wildapricot.com) by Michelle Castagnola looked good and just needed some final detail to go live. Wild Apricot specializes in membership database services, and this was one of the primary goals of developing this new site (i.e., ease of membership management by both individual members and the Mem-Beer-Sip Coordinator). The monthly fee for leasing the site from Wild Apricot is $50, which appears to be quite reasonable. Once the site is finalized, content can be managed by the BURP officers. The officers present voted to move forward with the new site and formalize the lease.

Update 10/25/14 – Further investigation determined that Wild Apricot does not provide e-mail services, which are now an integral part of current BURP services and include the various club e-mail lists and discussion groups (Allmembers, BURPlist, etc) and e-mail forwarding services (i.e., the burp.org aliases). The cost of current e-mail services are included with our current lease for web services through Arvixe Web Hosting (http://www.arvixe.com/). Before proceeding with the Wild Apricot upgrade, we need to determine how important e-mail services are to club communications. If they are still deemed important to us, we will need to determine how they’ll be integrated into the new services and at what cost.

3 Proposal to Raise Annual Club Dues

Club dues have not been raised for at least 20 years. Current dues is $15/yr for individuals and $20/yr for couples. Bill proposed that with the rollout of the new AHA club liability insurance program, it may be an opportune time to raise annual dues by a small amount (to $20/yr for individuals and $25/yr for couples) in order to cover the costs of BURP’s participation in the program. Full details on the AHA program can be found here – http://westinsurance.com/homebrew-home.html. Cost for participation is $3.50 per club member, so the BURP Club, with approximately 300 current members, can expect to pay a bit over $1K per year to participate. Our current insurance policy costs $350 per year but provides $1M less on aggregate coverage ($2M vs $3M aggregate coverage with the AHA policy). The AHA policy also covers the club for all events it holds and sponsors with up to 1,000 participants, so it would cover the club for MASHOUT as well as possible future conferences such as the Spirit of Belgium. A few questions remain to be answered (for example, are couple memberships counted as 2 individuals for insurance purposes?). Bill will work with the carrier to settle these issues before the club buys into the program. BURP’s current policy expires on 15 Apr 2015. Applications for AHA insurance are accepted quarterly, so we would not need to buy into the program until the 2nd quarter of 2015. The cost of the policy would be pre-rated to cover the remainder of the coverage year.

The officers present voted to proceed with the raise of dues with the following caveat. The raise would take effect for new members starting in Jan 2015. Current members will be able to renew for single or multi-year periods at the current dues rate until Jan 31, 2015.

4 Election of 2015 Officers

Tom reminded everyone that nomination of officers for 2015 will take place at the November BURP meeting, and it would be prudent to have nominees in place for all officer positions prior to that time. We have a candidate for Fearless Leader (Emily Michelsen) and Prosperity Minister (Thomas Sords). Rich has offered to continue as Newsletter Editor. Dan will continue as Minister of Mem-Beer-Sip. Bill will continue as Propaganda Minister but with the caveat that his role should primarily be as club secretary and coordinator of communications. Technical aspects of website content management, as well as administration of the club Facebook and Twitter accounts, need to done either by a co-minister or committee. We are in need of candidates to take over the Culture Ministry and the Enlightenment Ministry. Elizabeth Hartman has expressed interest in an Enlightenment post.

Meeting was adjourned at 12:00 PM.

Minutes Submitted 10/27/14 by Bill Ridgely, Secretary