BURP’s 25th Real Ale Festival – Information for All Attending

The following is important information that BURP members and their guests will need to know before leaving for the BURP Real Ale Festival on the Sat, Nov 12:

Meeting Time & Duration: The meeting will start at 12:00 instead of 1:00. This will give us time for the real ale education session and at least 2 serving sessions of 2 hours or more for the kegs on the back deck. The monthly meeting (which will include nomination of 2020 club officers) will be held during keg changeover and will include announcement of the Real Ale Competition winners. Once again, beers delivered in pins or firkins (traditional British casks) will be kept in the carport rather than on the back deck. This will help with past overcrowding issues on the back deck and also make beer available to all during the keg changeovers (when the back deck is closed). *Please Note* – While the official meeting end time is 6:00 PM, the hosts will have a campfire going, and everyone is welcome to stay until the remaining kegs are consumed. Bring a folding or camping chair if you wish to stay and enjoy the evening camaraderie.

 Weather: The weather for the Real Ale Festival has been rather chilly over the last several years, and this year’s forecast is trending in the same direction. The current long range outlook is for Saturday temperatures to start well below freezing (mid-20’s), reach the lower 40’s as the event takes place, and finish once again below freezing. At least there is no rain in the forecast, so bundle up appropriately and enjoy a cool but dry day. We will have tables set up for warm and hot dishes that need access to power (i.e., warming trays and crock pots). And the kitchen stove and microwave will be available for soups and such. But keep in mind that most food will be served outside. As mentioned above, we will have the outdoor fireplace set up to keep everyone warm during the afternoon and evening.

Parking: The large crowd expected means parking will be tight on the cul de sac. However, there should be plenty of spaces on adjacent streets for late arrivals. Aaronridge Pub management would like to remind everyone to not block (or even partially block) any driveways on Harvard Court.

Food & Glassware: While this is a “no homebrew required” meeting, please follow normal protocol of bringing more food that you can eat. This applies to both BURP members and specially invited guests. And if you prefer to drink your Real Ale out of a real glass, bring one to the meeting. Please do not use the host glassware.

Guests and Volunteers: The hosts would like to remind those attending that this is primarily a BURP event for BURP members. While bringing guests is not discouraged (and attendance by potential new members is greatly encouraged), the hosts would appreciate being contacted beforehand by all those who wish to bring guests to the event. They would also like to request that everyone attending wear a name tag. BURP members already have wearable name tags. Guests will be provided with stick-on name tags and will be approached by club officers and encouraged to join the club. After all, a commercial Real Ale Festival generally requires a fairly significant outlay of money. A BURP membership costs only $20 ($25 for couples) and provides a full year of great activities outside of Real Ale (not to mention excellent educational opportunities). It’s not too much to ask of those who are not already members.

We are also looking for volunteers to man the check-in table for short periods during the day. If you would be willing to serve a fairly short shift to help out, please select one or more slots on the check-in Google doc located at this link.

Charity: During this season of Thanksgiving, your club wishes to make a significant contribution toward feeding those who are in need. To that effect, there will two opportunities to help the cause. One half of proceeds from the monthly raffle will be distributed to local DC-area charity providing food to the hungry. In addition, we are asking each person who attends to bring at least one can of food (and more if you are willing) to support the annual Scouting for Food drive hosted by the Boy Scouts. *Please* support all of these charities by being very generous purchasing raffle tickets and contributing canned food. *Note on food drive*: Please bring only non-perishable items and no glass jars.

Note on Covid-19 Status: No Covid protocols will be in place for this event. While Covid continues to be endemic worldwide, individuals will need to determine their own risk for the disease. Those who for whatever reason have decided to avoid vaccination should consider masking for the event or simply staying home. Your life is in your own hands, so act accordingly.