BURP Ten Years Ago this Month – Oct 2007

Compiled by Bill Ridgely, BURP Archivist

The October BURP meeting has taken a number of forms over the years. For quite some time, the theme, reflecting the Halloween season, was “Weird Beer” (along with weird food, of course). BURPers came to the meeting costumed for the occasion, and a spooky time was had by all. By 2007, however, the Halloween theme had more or less run its course, and the meeting took on a more “changing of the seasons” theme. This was the case for the 2007 October meeting held at the home of Bud & Helen Hensgen in Arlington. The weather was picture-perfect, with the trees popping in Fall colors. The beer theme of the meeting was IPA, and the monthly competition featured an IPA “Battle of the Sexes”, pitting brewing teams of male vs female BURPers. In addition, Enlightenment Ministers Wendy Aaronson & Tom Cannon did an all-grain brewing demo (which started at 11:00 AM and continued through the meeting). And for those looking for some good buys on brewing equipment, the entire brewery of former BURP Webmaster Lynn Ashley (who was leaving the area) went on the silent auction block. The homebrew competition featured 11 entries representing 9 male teams and 2 female teams. At the end, the men pulled a clean sweep, winning all three places. The final results were: 1st, Ed Bielaus, Yancy Bodenstein & Mel Thompson (American IPA); 2nd, Bud Hensgen & Mark Hogenmiller (English IPA), and 3rd, John Foulkes, Bud Hensgen, Mark Hogenmiller, & Steve Marler (American IPA). The 1st place entry clocked in at 1.072 OG and featured multiple hoppings using Ahtanum, Amarillo, Cascade, and Columbus hops.

The Oct 2007 issue of BURP News featured information on the upcoming 11th BURP Real Ale Competition and Festival, some great photos from the September Oktoberfest meeting, and some interesting factoids in the monthly historical column, including: longtime BURPER Rick Garvin having passed the BJCP exam and becoming one of BURP’s first beer judges (in Oct 1987) and BURP holding its first Real Ale Competition and Festival at the home of Andy Anderson (featuring 9 kegs of cask conditioned English-style ale) in Oct 1997. Andy was also judged BURP’s first Real Ale Champion at that event, winning with his Best Bitter (which subsequently went to Chicago as BURP’s entry in the homebrew competition held as part of the 1997 Chicago Real Ale Festival). You can read the entire issue on the BURP website at https://www.burp.org/wp-content/uploads/2017/10/200710.pdf.