May News

May is almost here, which means it’s almost chili time! Nothing says spring quite like a hot bowl of chili on a balmy, humid day, right?! Regardless of what you view is as to appropriate chili-eating weather, this is one…

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March News

March is right around the corner, which means one of the best beer drinking holidays is upon us! Read on for details about next month’s meeting, some potential BURP kid activities, a recap of February, & a shameless self plug…

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November 2016 Overview

Emily’s Post for November October 29th was a beautiful day.   Jim Busch, Liz Pitts, Christian Parker, Christian Layke, Alison Skeel, Matt Pyle, Robert Stevens, Dan Rozman, Dave White,  Greg Leifer, Pam Leifer, David Derricotte , Sean McIlvain, Bill Ridgely, Wendy…

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Contact us

General BURP Concerns: Suggestions and Inquiries Website Concerns Officers and Work Group leaders: Fearless Leader: The club's Chief Executive Officer Minister of Enlightenment: Coordinates education and training events Ministers of Culture: Coordinate club competitions Ministers of Propaganda: Facilitate all club communications Minister of…

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CO2 Page

In the map below, the blue pins represent non-Roberts Oxygen places (other gas companies, fire services providers, a homebrew shop, and a paintball shop), while the pink/purple pins represent the plentiful Roberts Oxygen places.  Not all Roberts Oxygen locations were…

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