November 2016 Overview

Emily’s Post for November October 29th was a beautiful day.   Jim Busch, Liz Pitts, Christian Parker, Christian Layke, Alison Skeel, Matt Pyle, Robert Stevens, Dan Rozman, Dave White,  Greg Leifer, Pam Leifer, David Derricotte , Sean McIlvain, Bill Ridgely, Wendy…

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General BURP Concerns: Suggestions and Inquiries Website Concerns Officers and Work Group leaders: Fearless Leader: The club's Chief Executive Officer Minister of Enlightenment: Coordinates education and training events Ministers of Culture: Coordinate club competitions Ministers of Propaganda: Facilitate all club communications Minister of…

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CO2 Page

In the map below, the blue pins represent non-Roberts Oxygen places (other gas companies, fire services providers, a homebrew shop, and a paintball shop), while the pink/purple pins represent the plentiful Roberts Oxygen places.  Not all Roberts Oxygen locations were…

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