General BURP Concerns:

 Officers and Work Group leaders:

Fearless Leader: The club’s Chief Executive Officer

Minister of Enlightenment: Coordinates education and training events

Ministers of Culture: Coordinate club competitions

Ministers of Propaganda: Facilitate all club communications

Minister of Prosperity: Manages the club’s finances
Web Editor: Edits and publish members posts

Webmaster: Content manager of

Social media team: Moderates the club’s Facebook group and other social media
Minister of MemBeerSip: Recruits and orients new members plus collects the club’s dues

BURP Events

SoFB Organizer: Plans and coordinates the Spirit of Free Beer homebrew contest
SoFB Judges: Coordinates the SoFB Judges
SoFB Stewards: Coordinates the SoFB Stewards
SoFB Prizes: Coordinates and obtains SoFB prizes from event sponsors
Mashout Organizer: Plans and coordinates MASHOUT
Mashout Sponsors: Identifies and obtains support from MASHOUT sponsors