Dave’s Post for December 2018

“Oh, Oh, Oh!” (call me dyslexic Santa)– a warm and hearty season’s greetings to all my fellow BURPers.  I have some good news and some bad news for you, depending on who you are. For those of you who think I write too much, good news- it’s my last post as the Ole’ FL.  For those of you who are as entertained by my musings, bad jokes, and quite often tangential drivel as much as I am, bad news- this is my last post. I hope you’ll all indulge me one last time either way.  If you won’t, stop reading now and go get some eggnog and some fiber. We won’t judge.

As always, I’d like to recap last month’s meeting.  Of course, November saw BURP’s famed annual Real Ale Festival on November 9th-10th.  Much

What a rack!

love needs to be given to the proprietors of the Aaronridge Pub (Wendy Aaronson and Bill Ridgely) for hosting the event, which they’ve done since 1998!  If you’re not aware, it’s a tremendous amount of work to set things up starting more than a week before for the competition, hosting the subsequent festival, and cleaning up.  Really– you guys should hug ‘em and give them each a beer the next time you see them! Speaking of the Real Ale competition, Tom Cannon did a really nice job organizing the competition with what ended up being 48 entries- the most in nearly 10 years!  Congrats to the winners- Team Aaronridge taking 3rd with a 60 schilling and Jim Busch for taking 1st and 2nd with bittery beers.  Cellarman’s choice went to Erich Streckfuss and Sara Bondioli for a British golden ale.  As for the festival itself, it was really well attended, and Bags Howard and his crew provided some great live music.  Additionally we were able to collect 186 pounds of food donated to the Manna Food Center in Gaithersburg under the auspices of the Boy Scouts “Scouting for Food” program.  That’s something to be proud of.

As I’m reflecting on the past couple of years, despite not being able to accomplish a couple of things I wanted to do (e.g. a larger club trip to a nearby beer destination, an online merch store), I can say that I really enjoyed my role as FL and being involved with the day to day happenings of the club… so much so, that I wrestled with the idea of staying on for an unprecedented (to the best of my knowledge) third straight year. In the end, I found the thought of bringing in new blood with new ideas for the club to be very salient. Besides, I didn’t want to wear out my welcome. Dad jokes can only go so far…. Anyway, during the last couple of years, I think we did a lot as a club- not only with our regular and time-honored traditional meetings/events (e.g. Spirit of Free Beer, the annual stout competition, the chili cook off, Oktoberfest, Real Ale Festival, etc) but also with additional activities (e.g. Brewer’s Ball, lectures by Peter Bouckaert and Ron Pattinson, whiskey barrel buy, etc) and trips (e.g. Heurich House tour, Baltimore pub crawl, Anxo cider tasting). Many thanks to all who

POV for the RA BOS!

made it happen.  Rather than name drop and list everyone here, I’ll be recognizing you at our upcoming holiday party. As my time winds down along with several other long-serving officers, including Wendy Aaronson, Matty Pyle, and Thomas Sords, I want you to know that we’re leaving you in good hands. That said, below are the nominations for next year’s officers.

  • Ministry of Culture: Rich Sampson and Jeanne Burns
  • Ministry of Enlightenment: Matt Peppe and Chuck Hughes
  • Ministry of Membeersip: Dan Rozman
  • Ministry of Propaganda: Keiron Greenhalgh
  • Ministry of Prosperity: Pam Leifer
  • Fearless Leader: Mike Reinitz

Also important, we have other critical, non-officer functions that need to be noted.  One still needs to be filled.

  • Email Blaster: Bob Rouse
  • Webmaster: Lon Holland
  • Raffle Prize Master: TBD
  • Merch: Dave White

We’ll formalize their posts at our next meeting.

Bags and his buddies beltin’ out the tunes… *Pic by Gaby Chidichimo

I recently learned that two long-term BURPers are leaving us at the end of the year for the left coast-ish- Terri Fischer and Nathan Caldwell.  Both have been integral members to the club for many years, outstanding stewards at many comps, and most importantly good friends. Please wish them luck as they start the next chapter of their lives together in Washington State.

Lastly, I’d like to recognize and thank Calleen for all of her love and support over the last couple of years as I was doing the FL gig.  I’m very lucky to have her.

In closing, I sincerely hope that everyone has fantastic holiday season shared with loved ones.  As your friend, I have been honored to serve as Fearless Leader.

Kindest regards,


Other things to think about…

What’s coming up?

This Saturday, December 1st, the Free State Homebrewer Guild of Maryland (of which BURP is a member) will be having its annual holiday party at Heavy Seas Brewery. BURP will be teaming up with BADASS to put on a booth during club hour, which will have a 60’s theme. The event is really a lot of fun. Several BURPers regularly attend the event, and Calleen and I have attended this in the past. In addition, there is also a

People enjoying the 2018 Real Ale Festival *Pic by Gaby Chidichimo

silent auction that supports good causes. This year’s charities will be House of Ruth, Maryland Center for Veteran Education & Training, Dogs XL Rescue, and Rise For Autism. My understanding is that tickets have sold out! On Sunday, December 9th at 3 PM (note the time change), we’ll be meeting at the Anxo Cidery and Tasting room in NW DC to do a tour/tasting and education session. It’s going to cost $20 (all included) and will include a one-hour lecture/tutorial, a flight of ciders, and a full pour of your choice. BURPers should also bring their own ciders to share and discuss. Seating will be limited to 30 for this. We still have a few seats available, so let me know if you’re interested. More information will be forthcoming as we approach the date. And to wrap up the year, mark your calendars for Thursday, December 13th from 6-10 PM. We’ll again be meeting in Bethesda with Phyllis Rozman as our host to celebrate her “birthday” (BURP Holiday Party). The competition for the meeting will be for Trappist Ales (Category 26). You can register here . I pray the entries are all delicious.

In January we’ll be having our (fifth?) annual meeting with the BADASSes on January 12th at the Wheaton American Legion, and in February we’ll be participating in the JamBEERee with other local homebrew clubs again. Details for both meetings are forthcoming…

MERCH for Sale

We have merch!  Here’s a list.

  • “Body by BURP” T-shirts (S-XXL), which cost $15.  Only a few remaining!
  • Navy long sleeves T-shirts (S-XXL) with the same logo for $18. Only a few remaining!
  • BURP cycle jerseys (miscellaneous sizes) for sale ($45 each for members, $50 for non-members)
  • Generic BURP work shirts for $33 (only couple XL and L left).
  • BURP coasters with the old school logo, which we’re selling in packs of 10 for $2.00 and 25 for $5.
  • BURP titanium openers for $10
  • BURP European-style stickers for $1