Dave’s Post for July 2017

It’s feeling like Christmas in summer!  My gift to you?  A fairly brief and early July post, so you can focus on other things… like drinking awesome homebrew or like watching the Nats bullpen blow another late-game lead, which consequently leads to the need to drink more awesome homebrew!  Call it a win-lose-win situation.

BURP @ Heurich House June 2017

Anyway, we had two really great BURP events this month.  First, a group of 20 BURPers partook of a private tour of the Heurich House Museum on June 10th.  The group then followed the tour with a mini-pub crawl hitting three area watering holes including the Sauf Haus Bier Hall, the Big Hunt, and St. Arnold’s Mussel Bar.  The tour was really enjoyable, but the fellowship afterward was even better (check out my BIG pretzel… That’s what she said)!  We really need to do more events like this as a group, and I encourage folks to come up with ideas and bring them forward.  I’m game for entertaining anything.  The second big event, of course, was our fourth annual BURPOUT camping trip held on Popenoe Mountain from June (23rd-25th), near Rocky Gap, MD.  In addition to having a club meeting, highlights were a tour of the new MASHOUT site at Fort Royale Farm in Bedford, PA and a tour of the newly opened 1812 Brewery outside of Cumberland.  We also had a monthly comp on Saturday for “European Sour Ales” (BJCP category 23). A writeup of the event can be found here.

My what a BIG pretzel you have…

On a personal note, during the course of the year I’ve had nice conversations with members of the club who share list, details, and experiences of their travails across the country- including great brewery finds.  I think such information is valuable to club in general, since we tend to travel and seek out great brew.  So, I’m going to make an effort to start posting summaries of trips on the website for anyone who wants to share.  This month’s listings will be from Pat and Janet Crowe who travelled on their own to FL but also with Tom and Colleen Cannon around PA.

What’s coming up?

Our next few meetings… (And don’t forget to consult the calendar below for the most up to date info)

On July 15th we’ll meet in DC at the home of BURP’s esteemed webmaster- Sean McIlvain with the competition being for Belgian Ales (Cat 24 and 25). His address can be found here. (Note: you’ll need to be logged in to see it.).

BURPOUT 2017 Communal Dinner

On August 12th, we’ll have a regular BURP meeting (no competition) at the home of Jim and Liz Busch in Silver Spring, MD. I’m sure Jim will let us ogle his new (and broken in) Porsche- assuming it’s been delivered.  MASHOUT will be the following weekend (August 17-20) at Fort Royale Farm in Bedford, PA.  It’s my understanding that there will be a competition sponsored by one of the other clubs.  Registration for the event can be found here.

You can also officially mark your calendars for this year’s Oktoberfest. It’s set for September 23rd at Seneca Creek State Park. We’ll be meeting in a new pavilion the Blue Jay pavilion, which is right next to the Nuthatch pavilion we’ve used the last couple of years. October 14th’s meeting will be hosted by Joe Federico in Alexandria, VA and brings another popular vote competition with the BURP “Pro-Am”.  In an attempt to bring some new brewers into the club, a BURP member and a novice brewer (preferably brand new) of their choosing will jointly brew a beer to share at October’s meeting.  No limitations on style and kegs preferred.  What’s at stake? Free membership for a year for the amateur winner- so find a teammate and get brewing!  November 10th-11th will be the dates for our annual Real Ale Festival and will be hosted again by the Aaronridge Household in fair Rockville, MD.

Other Things to Think about…

We Need a Few Good VIRGINIA or DC BURPers to Host

Don’t want to drive to all the BURP meetings? Tired of crossing the river to visit your BURP brethren? Why not host a meeting? Specifically, we’re looking for hosts/locations in Virginia or DC for the club meeting in December.  If you’re interested in hosting or have ideas for locations, shoot me an email.  We’re also happy to talk to folks about hosting meetings in 2018; it’s never too early to start planning.

MERCH for Sale

We have merch!  Here’s a list.

  1. “Body by BURP” T-shirts (S-XXL), which cost $15.
  2. Navy long sleeves T-shirts (S-XXL) with the same logo for $18.
  3. BURP cycle jerseys (miscellaneous sizes) for sale ($45 each for members, $50 for non-members)
  4. Generic BURP work shirts for $33 (a few left). I also have Mike Shaw’s shirt, so please let him know.
  5. BURP coasters with the old school logo, which we’re selling in packs of 10 for $2.00 and 25 for $5.
  6. BURP titanium openers for $10
  7. BURP European-style stickers for $1


Fearless Leader

Tentative 2017 Meeting Schedule v3.0

DateHost(s) or LocationTheme (if applicable)Competition
February 25thGordon Biersch TysonsJamBEERee joint meetingBeer and Cookies
March 18thJanet & Pat CroweSt. Patrick’s DayMcCoubrey Stout Comp
April 7th-8thOld Line BistroSpirit of Free BeerSpirit of Free Beer
(Closed to public)
April 22ndDan & Lisa RozmanSpirit of Free Beer LeftoversNo Competition
May 6thDan Allers & Christine WrenChili Cook-OffBest Beer with Chili
June 23rd-25thPops & Helen PoponoeBURPOUTEuropean Sour Ale (Cat 23)
July 15Sean McIlvain (DC)Regular MeetingBelgian Ales (Cat 24 and 25)
August 12Jim Busch (Silver Spring, MD)Regular MeetingNo Competition
August 17th-20thThe Fort Royale Farm (Bedford, PA)MASHOUTTBD
September 23rdSeneca Creek State Park (Gaithersburg, MD)OktoberfestOktoberfest
October 14thJoe Federico & Marianne Buckley
(Alexandria, VA)
Regular MeetingBURP "Pro-Am" team event
Nov. 10th-11th Aaronridge Household (Rockville, MD)Real AleReal Ale
Dec. 14thDan & Lisa Rozman
(Bethesda, MD)
Holiday PartyTrappist Ale (Cat 26)