Dave’s Post for March

It’s time for another monthly post, and I think I may be moving from the denial stage to the bargaining stage of grief being Fearless Leader, which is major progress according to my therapist (especially after skipping the anger stage out of pure laziness). The petition to depose yours truly fell flat, so free beer for anyone who impeaches me. While I’m waiting for takers here’s a…

RECAP OF FEBRUARY’S MEETING(S?) & Fearless Leader’s Escapades…

February 25th, proved to be a very busy day. It kicked off with an unofficial BURP “satellite meeting” better known as Mad Fox’s 7th Annual Barleywine Festival.   There were many BURPers in attendance, several of which

Mel, Andy, Colleen, Tom, and Chandler enjoying some fine barleywine…  Look I made a rhyme.

followed up the Festival by attending the regular monthly meeting, including yours truly. I’m seriously thinking about instituting a “Fearless Liver” award for such heroic feats in the future (A beer perhaps?).

The regular monthly meeting was the second of the year and took place during the annual Jam-BEER-ee, which brought together at least five area clubs, including BURP (of course), DC Homebrewers, GRiST, the Wort Hogs and Local 19382. We owe a big thanks to Jason Bryant from the Wort Hogs, Sam Wineka from DC Homebrewers, and our own Thomas Sords for making the arrangements for the meeting and for Justin Damadio, Head Brewer at Gordon Biersch at Tyson’s, and the rest of the staff for being such gracious hosts for the event. Suffice it to say that there was a sheetload of people there. By my

The Jam-BEER-ee at GB in Tysons

estimation there was somewhere between 6 and 987 people in attendance unless you count folks like Steve Marler four times for representing every club (see pic for proof but take note of whose shirt he’s wearing…), which would throw my estimate WAY off. Anyway, copious amounts of homebrew flowed with much fraternization. DC Homebrewers also had a SMaSH educational exercise, and BURP sponsored a best beer and cookies pairing competition open to all the clubs, which made for a full meeting. The competition was a great success with 20 entries, and of course, BURP continued its absolute and total interclub competition dominance as Patrick Butler crushed all the whelps who dared challenge him (hyperbole anyone?) with a dunkelweizen paired with the butter rum cookies. Kudos go out to our esteemed Ministers of Culture- Matt Pyle and Greg Leifer for a job well done, but a very special “thank you” is in order for Pam Leifer for planning and coordinating the competition and for pulling the boys out of the proverbial fire

Steve Marler infiltrating the other clubs at the Jam-BEER-ee

with her organizational skills. For a fuller recap of the competition go here.

In related meeting news (only because I’m shoehorning it here), there was an impromptu BURP meeting at the home of Chuck and Helen Popenoe on the day after the regular monthly meeting and Barleywine Festival. After all the updates from Howard Michelsen and Jeanie Osburn on Pops’s improving condition and his desire for fellowship, Call and I decided to go visit him and Helen, and before you know it, the Aaronridge household showed up, then the Langlies, and finally Pam Leifer…. Pops and Helen were very happy to have such a motley crew visiting with them and sharing homebrew. Pops is doing really great and should be out and about back at BURP meetings before you know it! He has assured me that BURPOUT will go on as planned in June (tentatively set for June 23rd-25th). In the meantime, go visit him if you can.

Hangin’ with Pops Popenoe



(see below for the most up to date calendar)

Janet and Pat Crowe will host our St. Patty’s Day meeting on March 18th, so mark your calendar. We’ll have our annual McCoubrey Stout Competition that weekend (details forthcoming), and we’ll announce the winner of the 35th Anniversary Brew label competition.

In April, we’ll have our annual Spirit of Free Beer (SoFB) competition on April 7-8. Registration to enter as well as to judge/steward is now open. For more details go here.  The competition itself will be closed to the public. We’ll have the SoFB leftovers and award ceremony on April 22nd at the Dan and Lisa Rozman’s house. On May 6th, we’ll have our annual chili cook off at Dan Allers’ & Christine Wren’s place.


BURP’s 35th Anniversary Brew Label Design Competition

The competition for a label design contest for BURP’s 35th Anniversary Brew (an approximately 10% Imperial Saison) is now closed. We will have a post with the entries on the website within the next few of days. Barring technical difficulties, online voting should be available- otherwise, we’ll just vote on site. The winner will be announced at this month’s meeting somewhere between the 7th and 10th rendition of When Irish Eyes are Smiling.

The Questionnaire is Still Open

By now you hopefully know that we’ve created a questionnaire to get a sense of how folks feel about the club in general. We have had a decent response from the club so far, but it’s only a fraction of the active 200+ members registered on the site.  Don’t miss this important opportunity to make your voice heard. The questionnaire is available here and will be open for responses through our March meeting.

BURP is going to the Ball

The 13th Annual Brewer’s Ball is this Saturday, March 4th at the National Building Museum. This is first year that the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation-sponsored fundraising event is having homebrew served alongside commercial brews. Yours truly and BURP’s esteemed Minister of Prosperity Thomas Sords will be serving Thomas’s mild called Extremely Mild. More information on the event can be found here. I’ll provide details as to how the event goes in my next post.

Who Likes Wood?

Is that a rhetorical question? Perhaps. However, I definitely know someone who does– Peter Bouckaert from New Belgium Brewing! It’s only fitting that Peter likes to talk about wood … and beer. (Fearless Leader is keepin’ it classy.) BURP is sponsoring a seminar by Peter on April 9th at 7 PM (doors at 6:30 PM) at Meridian Pint, where he’ll be talking about beer and wood fermentation/aging.  He’ll also be doing a book signing after the seminar.  We’re asking for a $5.00 registration fee to help defray the cost of the event. His book will also be available for a discounted rate of $15, but if folks pre-register and buy the book online, their $5 registration will go toward the cost of the book, so it will only be $10. You can register for the event here.

Discounted Brew Your Own (BYO) subscription Drive

Joe Federico is spearheading this drive, and we have set up a page on the BURP website for anyone interested in taking advantage of the discounted BYO subscription, but are having difficulty with attending meeting and/or submitting payment information to JoeFed. The website link is here. The 2017 BYO subscription drive runs through Monday, May 22nd, 2017. Orders and payments need to be in the hands of BYO by Tuesday, May 30th, 2017. Don’t delay- do it today!

We Still Have MERCH!

Merch reinforcements have landed!  We’ve restocked our snazzy cardinal-red “Body by BURP” T-shirts (S-XXL), which cost $15. We also have a very limited number of navy long sleeves T-shirts (S-XXL) with the same logo for $18.  I will have shirts for purchase at our next meeting.

We Need a Few Good VIRGINIA or DC BURPers to Host Meetings

Don’t want to drive to all the BURP meetings? Tired of crossing the river to visit your BURP brethren? Why not host a meeting? Specifically, we’re looking for hosts/locations in Virginia or DC for club meetings in meetings October and December. Believe me, I can find hosts in Maryland for both meetings, but I’m trying to create some meeting locale parity for the club. However, if no one steps up in VA or DC, we don’t have much of a choice. If you’re interested in hosting or have ideas for locations, shoot me an email. We’re also happy to talk to folks about hosting meetings in 2018; it’s never too early to start planning.


Buzz, Fearless Leader

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