December Membeersip round up

Hoppy almost New Year. 2016 was a great year for BURP.
We currently have about 200 paid primary membeers (this does not include co-members)
I would like to see us increase membeersip by at least 10% in 2017. As membeers, let’s make an effort to talk up the club to any brewers we know. I am always surprised how many people brew and don’t belong to their local club. We all know the advantages of being a BURP member. What other group gives so much for so little? We offer education, camaraderie, and of course great beer and food. It isn’t fair for us to keep BURP to ourselves. There will be a special recognition at the December 2017 meeting for the member who brings in the most new membeers.
As part of the new website it is much easier for membeers to update their information and renew membeersips. Speaking of renewing, our membeersip year runs through January 31. You should be getting notifications generated by the website beginning in a few weeks. The earlier you renew the easier for everyone (especially me).
Please fill in some of the information on the website. This will help membeers to learn more about each other. How long have you been brewing? How often do you brew? What is your favorite style? The more information we have the better we as a club can serve our membeers. Having this information could help us come up with new educational programs or perhaps monthly contests. Additionally, some mebeers have said they would like to see other peoples set up and brewing techniques. The more interactive the club is, the more fun.
As always, if you have ideas for events or would like to volunteer to help, please reach out to one of the officers.