Domino’s Delight Belgian Golden Strong Recipe

Brewer: Calvin Perillioux


Size::6 gallons

OG 1067

FG 1012

ABV 7.2%


8 lbs     Williams Belgian Pale Liquid Malt Extract

3 lbs Domino’s Sugar (yes, three pounds)

2.25 oz Saaz Whole 4% AA at 60 min

Whirlfloc tablet at 20 min

Servomyces yeast nutrient at 5 min

Wyeast 3739 Flanders Golden Ale Yeast

60 minute modest boil, then chill to 62 F.

Primary fermentation 3 days at 66-67 F, increasing over two weeks to 78 F. Then 2 months of lagering in keg at 38-40 F before bottling/serving. Carbonate to 3.0-3.2 vols CO2.