Emily’s March Post

The February meeting at Rock Bottom was well attended.  I’d like to thank the members of DC Homebrewers, GRIST, NoVa Homebrewers, and the Worthogs for making this a great meeting, and also a big thanks to all of the BURPers who attended and brought beer.  Wendy Aaronson led an educational session on Hops.  She had us blind taste them, write descriptions of what we tasted and then try to figure out what combination made up some mystery brews.  It was challenging but very educational. Dave White and Greg Leifer ran the competition.  Their results are published on the website too.  Make sure you look for their article. We also had a Spirit of Free Beer meeting before the BURP meeting.  Bill Ridgely has a good core group started but there is always room for more volunteers.  The SOFB website is up.  Register your beers for the competition and while you are there, sign up to steward or judge.   It is a good weekend to join in the fun, definitely should not be missed.

WE are getting ready for the National Homebrew Convention to be held in Baltimore in June.  Jeanie Osburn and her committee are playing for a spectacular both on club night.  We are also participating in a social hour so start brewing to help supply the beers.  We want to show off the great brewing that we do as a club.

There is interest in getting new shirts for the club.  I am looking for a volunteer to help design, organize and make the arrangements for the club purchase and sale.  If you have any expertise in this area and are willing to head this project, please contact me.   We would love to have new shirts for the convention.

March’s meeting will be at the Truro Homeowners Association Clubhouse.  Come celebrate St. Patrick’s Day with BURP!!! The March meeting will be held on March 19th, just 2 days after the official day to celebrate Irish culture. What better way to celebrate than with your friends in BURP, stouts, Irish stew and corned beef? Don’t forget the BURP mantra: “Bring more food than you will eat and more beer than you will drink”. Thanks to Pat and Janet Crowe for getting this month’s venue.

The weather has cooperated for brewing this year.  Some Burpers even planned ahead and brewed during the snow storm.  Howard and I have been busy brewing for our nephew’s wedding (and ourselves).   We just have 4 empty kegs left to fill.  Our freezer we use for beer storage is getting full. I hope everyone else has been taking advantage of this weather and we will get to enjoy your delicious brews at the upcoming meetings.

See you next week,