Emily’s Post for April 2016

March was a busy month. We celebrated St. Patrick’s Day with our March annual stout competition at Truro Homeowners Association Clubhouse.  Thank you Pat and Janet Crowe for a wonderful meeting place. This was the first competition under the new guidelines. Mike Reinitz introduced us to the new stout categories with a tasting of commercial beers.  Wendy Aaronson talked about yeast and the importance of yeast starters, even with dry yeast.  Her starter was bubbling away by the end of the meeting.

The next day Howard and I brewed a wheat beer and used a yeast starter.  It started bubbling within an hour after we were finished with clean up.  It kept bubbling for about 2 ½ weeks.  I tasted the beer before we kegged it and it turned out perfect.  Lesson learned- make a starter for your yeasts.

April has been very busy with the Spirit of Free Beer Competition.  April 16th, Saturday will be the next meeting at Dan Rozman’s.  It will be the one meeting of the year that you do not have to bring any beer to share.  Everyone will be able to taste all 350  beers, ciders and meads that are entered in this year’s SOFB competition..  Please remember to bring plenty of food to share.

See you then,